Aaron Rodgers and the NFL give Zach Wilson, Jets, high praise He impresses on Twitter vs. Packers

When he was growing-up, Zach Wilson made sure to watch Aaron Rodgers on Sundays.

Rodgers was watching Wilson’s second NFL preseason match against the Packers. Wilson finished 9 out of 11 passes with 128 yards, and two touchdowns for his team at Lambeau Field.

He was more than just good at numbers. It was how he played the game. While he displayed the ability to get out of the pocket, he also demonstrated an accurate arm.

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Wilson’s debut in preseason against the Giants was a promising one, though the numbers were not as impressive. Wilson completed six of nine passes, for 63 yard.

In his second week, the second overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft topped the box score. The first drive was short with just three points, a field goal or a kick. However, his second and third drives resulted in touchdowns of 18 yards to Tyler Kroft (tight end).

Rodgers was impressed by the performance and told Packers TV that he had met Wilson during offseason conversations. They also had a conversation during week-long joint practice sessions.

He’s an excellent young child. His disposition and his mentality are very admirable. Rodgers stated that he can throw it the hell out of it. He had a nice throw, breaking the pocket and moving to his right, then throwing it down the right sideline. This is the type of thing he will need to do.

As we witnessed this week, there were a lot young men up front. However, the offensive line needs to come together. “Man, your feetwork and how you deal with that ball are key,” I told him. It’s no secret that rookies have growing pains, particularly for teams that had a difficult year last year. He’s a great player and I am excited for him.

Wilson’s performance was not praised only by Rodgers, but many others also hailed him.

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