After 15 years of development, Titanic Mod for Mafia 1 is now available.
Tragic part

After 15 years of development, Titanic Mod for Mafia 1 is now available. Tragic part

Part one of a mod for the original Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven that’s been in development for 15 years has finally been released, and it’s titanic – literally. This mod recreates all of the mafia’s doomed HMS Titanic, with additional missions that are based on Salieri’s group.

Mafia Titanic Mod, a catchy title that has been in the works since 2006 is now available and ready for download. The first part of the story focuses on boarding the famous ocean liner. However, it does include a full Sandbox that allows players to explore the Titanic as they please. The interior of the ship is still incomplete, and it has yet to be sunk. This is the Titanic’s less-dooming version.

Robin Bongaarts, the lead developer of the mods, estimates there will be four sections to complete the story. Part one of the mod is still available for download. It’s very impressive and includes a large portion of the ship that was meticulously recreated.

One sad catch – as if the story of the Titanic wasn’t tragic enough – is that the mod is not compatible with the recently released Mafia: Definitive Edition remake of the first game, only the original. You will need the original Mafia 1 unmodified version, not the widerscreen. You can still get it on Steam or GOG.

Although it is not the first attempt at bringing the Titanic alive in video games, it is certainly not the last. It’s still an amazing achievement, and anyone who has Mafia 1 ought to check it out.

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