Amanda Owen is back on Instagram, with this glam look Concerns about black eyes

Amanda Owen runs to rescue escaped cows

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen gave fans an insight into speaning time on the farm as she returned to Instagram today. The 46-year old shared a variety of snaps with her lambs and yows, as well as a selfie to her 389,000 Instagram followers.

Amanda sported a simple, glamorous look and wore only basic make-up while she was posing on her farm.

This mother-of-9 completed her look by adding earrings to the top and a blouse that read “Yorkshire Businesswoman”.

Amanda’s fans were quick to point out that Amanda’s black eye seemed to be healing.

One commenter said: “Your eyes got better. Great photos.”

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Amanda Owen fans praised her radiant appearance as she returned to Instagram (Image: INSTAGRAM*AMANDAOWEN)

Amanda Owen was all smiles despite her black eye in recent snaps (Image: INSTAGRAM*AMANDAOWEN)

Amanda Owen’s black eye appeared to have healed in her latest selfie (Image: INSTAGRAM*AMANDAOWEN)

A second writer wrote, “So beautiful to see all of your beautiful photos,”

A third version of “Eye Looks Better” was written.

The fourth was “Missed your post xx”

Amanda shared with fans earlier this month that she was left with a dark eye from a headbutt by a sheep.

Amanda Owen told fans her black eye was caused by a sheep head-butting her (Image: INSTAGRAM*AMANDAOWEN)

The best UK farming shows (Image: EXPRESS)

Another commented, “Ooooooh!” It must hurt to be there… Get well soon.

Amanda took a mini Instagram vacation after sharing with her followers details about her experience at Appleby Horse Fair.

In an effort to get a horse, the shepherdess brought her children along to the event.

The family didn’t find the perfect one.

She also shared photos from that day and wrote, “There was increasing pressure to find another Appleby Horse Fair horse but even though we tried hard we couldn’t find the right one.” #applebyhorsefair

Many people suggested that the new horse would not look like Tony, Tony’s pony.

Some joked that Amanda’s husband Clive wouldn’t be impressed by her bringing home another animal.

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