Expedia and Airbnb Share Their Views on the Future of Travel and Ten Other Top Tips These are the Travel Stories of this Week

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Expedia CEO See Airbnb as ‘One-Dimensional:’Peter Kern rightly states that Expedia Group offers more travel services than Airbnb or Booking Holdings. But, whether Expedia Group can win over its competitors and execute its strategy is a completely different question.

Do not call us Oyo! Online travel veterans launch a hotel distribution network with a distinctive model:Oyo was famous for offering hoteliers a guarantee of minimum revenue in return for their control over the operations. Bob Diener, David Litman and others are trying to make it interesting by driving demand for hotels in order to take business away from peers.

The NFT Frenzy is Why this New Luxury Hotel in Venice Has a Mainstream:Ca’ Dio, a Venetian luxury hotel that offers reservations via NFT (or non-fungible token), is the first to do so. Every smart hotel is looking for new ways to reach niche markets, rather than relying on Booking.com and company.

Hyatt’s acquisition of the Apple Leisure Group for $2.7 billion fuels European GrowthHyatt’s acquisition of Apple Leisure Group gives the company a significant boost to its European expansion plans. It is also an opportunity to compete with smaller brands like Hilton and Marriott. It is now up to the competition to enter high-end leisure travel, and all-inclusive resort sectors.

India’s First Publicly Traded Travel Technology Firm RateGain:RateGain is a travel technology company that has been around for 15 years. It wants capital to help it grow post-pandemic. Its private equity sponsor TA Associates wants a paycheck, which is no surprise.

To drive post-pandemic business, tour operators turn to strategic partnershipsPandemic-induced partnerships are a success for many tour operators. But why haven’t they been incorporated into the mix before? Many tour operators may have overlooked lucrative partnerships that could be available for many years.

Southwest Business wants to do more than just fly corporate travelers to meetings:It’s amazing how much a single year can make. Sabre has been added to the airline’s business travel department. They are also planning on adding a loyalty program in the shopping center style. This will complete the airline’s corporate-friendly transformation.

The fines for unruly flyers now exceed $1 million, but has anyone paid up? This is:
Unruly passenger fines are increasing, but the Federal Aviation Administration is not able to prosecute them. The FAA needs to be empowered to prosecute disruptive or dangerous behaviour. Congress must step in.

The U.S.’s fastest-growing small businesses offer a glimpse into these emerging trends:A few innovative niche products were made widely available by the pandemic, which was a boon for a handful of fast-moving tourism businesses. While lists come and go, it is important to pay close attention to the trends that will continue long after the crisis has passed.

The Hyatt-Apple Leisure Deal has influenced the 2021 Hotel M&A.This year’s announced acquisitions are already worth three times more than the 2020 deals. The top 2021 hotel deals by dollar amounts, including some strategic and less important, were compiled for you. While the pace of the acquisitions is fast, the Delta variant’s impact could reverse it heading into fall.

The Metamorphosis of Online Travel Hopper: From Fintech to Flight SellingHopper, a travel startup has received $175 million more investment. This underlines the company’s potential and offers an intriguing case study on new fintech appetites for travel. The company is expected to go public in 2022, it seems.

Photo credit: This is Transcorp Hilton Abuja, Nigeria. Peter Kern, CEO of Expedia, believes that travelers will be returning to hotels in cities once the pandemic has passed. Transcorp Hotels

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