Expert tips: "Don't simply pick up the caravan and drive away."
For a memorable holiday

Expert tips: “Don’t simply pick up the caravan and drive away.” For a memorable holiday

Expert tips: "Don't simply pick up the caravan and drive away."
For a memorable holiday

Ed Bassett, a specialist in all aspects of motorhoming and caravanning is a great resource. __S.2__

While a caravanning vacation may seem like a bucket list item, Ed says that it is important to manage expectations.

First-timers need to understand the purpose of their trip. Personally, I like to stay in one spot for several days before moving on.

Ed knew that many Britons might feel that a caravanning trip should be free-flowing and spontaneous.

He said, however, that the first thing he would advise is to not just get in your car and drive it off. Instead, take time to look around at where you end up.

It’s not a great idea to just pick up a van and head off to the M25.

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Like all other trips, a caravanning trip requires some planning.

As a minimum, campers must “choose their destination” and select their camping site.

Many campsites have reached capacity due to everyone going on this year’s staycation. It wouldn’t be fair for anyone not to show up.

Ed stated that he would recommend people look into websites such as Pitchup or to use a variety of apps to locate campsites.


Ed suggested that Britons consider the amenities to help them choose the right type of camping site.

“Check out the facilities on the campsites, some are more family-friendly, some of them will have more electrical points, some will be more wild camping type of thing.

You could find yourself in a field, or at a modern camping site with TV rooms, shower blocks and Wifi.

Ed believed that planning was more important than ever in the UK because it requires you to consider the weather, and what you are looking to do with your time.

Being creative and thoughtful with your trip planning is key.

Ed said, “Think about what you do and where your children can play if it rains.” You really want to be in a place where you have options for the kids inside.”

Britons who are going on holiday in a caravan should consider what they bring.

Ed stated, “Supplies matter.” It is important to have the right tools. Do not take a huge suitcase full of clothes.

You really only need one coat that can be used for multiple purposes, a couple of tops and a couple of bottoms.

You have a limited space.

Ed shared his top tips to first-time caravanners: “It’s about planning and type of activities, rather than overpacking and packing for the weather.

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