Get Quake 2 RTX and Yooka-Laylee video games for free.

Get Quake 2 RTX and Yooka-Laylee video games for free.

Customers with a PC can now download an abundance of free games.

QuakeCon fans have the opportunity to download Quake 2RTX free of charge on GoG.

Quake IIRTX has new, path-traced visual effects as well as enhanced texturing and full-ray-tracing.

The experience is also claimed to include dozens more improvements and changes, which are said to rival any game created today.

Official description: “You discover that many of your men are now just a handful after you land on an alien surface.”

You must now fight through fortified military structures, reduce the defenses of the city and stop the enemy’s war machines. The fate of the human race will be decided only then.

QuakeCon is held from August 19 to the late evening of August 21.

The event will likely feature a new Quake game, which is expected to go well with the new Quake 2 copy.

Epic Games Store offers PC users a few free games.

Epic is offering free weekly games as part of its ongoing fight with Steam.

Fans can now download 3D platform games Yooka-Laylee and Void Bas***ds from 4pm BST, August 19, to the same time on Aug 26.

To download the games, you only need an active Epic Games account. Login to download the games.

Void Bas***ds, despite being the most prominent free-to-play game in the world, is undoubtedly Yooka Laylee.

The official description reads, “Forget all you know about first person shooters: Void Bas***ds requires you to assume control and not simply point your gun at fire.”

Your task is to guide the Sargasso Negula’s rag-tag Void Base***ds. It is up to you to decide where, how and when to move. Then, you have to execute that strategy against terrible and strange enemies.

“You’ll be planning your mission aboard derelict spaceships. You will take note of your ship layout, potential enemies, and which terminals or other ship systems to use.

After you have seized the vessels, plan your next move. Be sure to not run low on fuel and health.

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