GM recalls all Chevy Bolt EVs due to fire danger

DETROIT – General Motors will expand its recall of Chevrolet Bolt to all model year models, including the 2022 Bolt EUV (redesigned) and 2022 Bolt EV (2022 Bolt EV).

Automaker will invest approximately $1 billion on recall (all numbers USD), on top of $800 million spent in the last quarter.

Doug Parks (GM’s executive vice president for global product development and purchasing) said that GM is focused on safety and does the right thing to customers in every decision it makes. We are leaders in the shift to all-electricity and we understand that trust building is crucial. GM customers have confidence in our ability to take the necessary steps to protect these vehicles.

This recall covers 9,335 Bolt EVs of the 2019 model year that weren’t included in previous recalls (6,989 in America and 1,212 in Canada), and 63,683 Bolt EVs 2020-2022 models and EUVs (52,403 were sold here in the USA and 9,019 in Canada).

GM stated that two defects in battery cells manufactured in Korea by LG may be present. The defect could include a torn anode fab or a folded separator. This increases the chance of a fire. These defects are responsible for at least nine confirmed fires by GM.

GM will replace every module in 2017-2019 models. However, it will only replace defective modules in 2020-2022 Bolts.

The batteries with the new modules come with a limited warranty of 8 years/100,000 miles or an 8 year/160,000 km warranty in Canada, according to GM.

In July 2017, GM recalled the 2017-2019 Bolts, which were at risk of fire for the second consecutive time. After the November recall, two fires occurred. One was in a Bolt which had received GM’s software upgrade.

GM recalls 68,667 Bolts for the 2017-2019 model year. 50,925 were sold in America.

GM announced this week that it will replace all the modules of the Bolts, not just those modules which were defective, after they had been recalled back in July.

The LG Chem South Korean batteries were used in Bolts made for 2017 and 2018. Because the batteries used in the 2019 model years were manufactured in Holland, Mich., GM had previously stated that Bolts made with Michigan batteries would not be affected.

GM stated that 2020 Bolts will not be affected by the new battery chemistry. Bolts use GM’s old-generation battery architecture and not its proprietary Ultium one that will be powering the future EV line, which also includes the GMC Hummer pickup, SUV, Cadillac Lyriq, and Chevrolet Silverado EV.

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