Halo Infinite will not have Forge or campaign co-op at

Halo Infinite will not have Forge or campaign co-op at launch

Developer 343 announced that Halo Infinite will not launch with campaign co-op and Forge.

Two of the most beloved modes have been delayed. The shooter won’t see campaign co-op until the second season at the latest, or about three months after launch.

Forge is the user creation tool for the game, but it won’t be available until the third season at the earliest, or approximately six months after launch.

The target releases listed above are subject to “subject change” 343 cautioned.

This is a huge disappointment for Halo communities, as both Forge and campaign co-op are fundamental components of the Halo experience.

Below is the video of Joseph Staten (head of creative at Halo Infinite), stating that it was difficult to make both modes delay.

Staten stated, “Our top priority is to ensure that whatever we ship, wherever we ship it,” and this includes Xbox devices as well as PCs in various configurations.

We looked at campaign co-op, and Forge. And we came to the conclusion that they are not ready. We don’t ship products if they aren’t ready. This is so that people have the opportunity to play, enjoy, and have a stable and performant experience.

“So we will keep Campaign co-op & Forge in the oven a bit longer and when they are ready, we’ll release them next year as part of our Seasonal Roadmap.”

Staten went into more details about why each mode was delayed. Forge was his response.

It’s an advanced toolset that will allow people to make new and innovative experiences. There are many technical complexities involved, so it will take some time to figure it all out.

Also, campaign co-op

We have the chance to campaign every day. This is a wonderful, open-ended, nonlinear Halo campaign. It will allow you to have more freedom to eliminate Banished bases and progress in the game your way.

It’s also complicated when you consider save systems and the technology required to make this a more complex experience. It’s more difficult in co-op situations. It will take longer because it is more complicated. This is so that people are able to play, have fun, and make it quality.

Rich Leadbetter, John Linneman and Alex Battaglia spent the better part of forty minutes discussing their views on the Halo Infinite technical preview.

This is a somewhat awkward conversation, given that Halo Infinite has yet to be released in August. Staten admitted this and said that 343 was “100% committed” to the release of this holiday campaign as well as our first season in free-to play multiplayer.

We just need to clarify a few details, and then we will be talking about the actual release date.

Staten said 343 talked about delaying the entire game so it could launch with Forge and campaign co-op (Halo Infinite was once due out last Christmas), but ultimately decided against it.

Staten stated, “We discussed doing that but Halo Infinite was a live video game so it wasn’t ever done.”

It will evolve and progress from one season to the next. Launch is the start of this journey. To have a start, you must choose a time and begin.

We finally decided that we had been working hard on the game, and fans have been eagerly awaiting it for years. With a solo campaign in place, as well as our first free-to-play multiplayer season, we couldn’t wait any longer. We’ll keep evolving from season to season. Let’s start!

Multiplayer splitscreen wasn’t in the recent technical preview, but it will make it into Halo Infinite for launch on all Xbox consoles. However, multiplayer splitscreen will not launch on PC.

Staten stated that there are many technical issues around PC, with various configurations.

We won’t have splitscreen multi-player on PC at launch. It’s something that the team is very excited to explore post-launch.

343 is planning another major technical preview of Halo Infinite, with similar player-versus-bot content to the previous one but with more 4v4 PvP and Big Team Battle. Forge will be available for testing by insiders before its release, as 343 has promised.

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  1. I could care less about Force but not having the coop campaign at launch is a real bummer, me and my buddy have played every Halo campaign coop for our first run through, with the open-worldish nature of this one we were really looking forward to it.

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