HSBC App not Working: Bank customers are hit by error Log in message

UPDATEHSBC responded to claims that the mobile app had stopped functioning for thousands of customers.

The bank recently posted a tweet apologizing to customers and confirming that they are working on a solution.

A tweet from HSBC reads, “Our Online & Mobile Banking Services are currently unavailable.” We are sorry for this and working to rectify it. For the most recent updates, please check here.

Original:ItHSBCThe mobile app is down at the moment, preventing thousands of customers from logging in. Customers of HSBC have reported that they cannot access their banking tool. This allows them to view balances and transfer money. It also generates codes to enable online banking. Express Online reached out to the bank in order to determine the cause and the timeframe for the app’s return. The independent website Down Detector received many reports about the HSBC application not working.

To detect service outages around the globe, The Outage Tracker tracks social mentions about certain topics.

Down Detector’s outage map shows how HSBC problems are affecting UK users, especially in London.

Login attempts are blocked by an error message prompting customers to try again.

Error: Something went wrong. “Please try again later,” reads the message.

The HSBC Twitter account has yet to address the problem, and it is not going down well among customers.

One customer wrote: “All Online Banking with HSBC has stopped; perhaps you’d like to let your customers know what’s happening?”

Another user tweeted: “I would like to have access to my accounts.” It’s down. How can this be?

The third tweet said: “Online banking is down today, according to what other people have tweeted at me.” This is why it’s not reflected in your service status page. “

The HSBC server status page does not reflect issues that are reported on the application, as the last person pointed out.

All services appear to be in good working order according to the status page.


Publited Sat, 21 August 2021 at 12:47:45 +0000

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