Is Christian Eriksen going to Inter Milan again? Timeline for Denmark star’s return

Christian Eriksen won’t be playing for Inter Milan in the near future. After suffering cardiac arrest in a Euro 2021 match, Eriksen was revived but has yet to make a comeback.

The 29-year old joined his Inter Milan teammates for the first-time since May’s Italian Serie A win. Although he is not allowed to train yet, he was able to conduct more tests with the club doctors. He also used this opportunity to meet team executives and the new coach.

According to a report from Italian sports daily Corriere dello Sport, he promised his teammates that “in 4-5 months I’ll be back playing.” To make that happen in Italy however, the pacemaker-like device he had surgically placed in the aftermath of his cardiac episode must be removed and cleared by the Italian Federation doctors.

Christian Eriksen: What’s next?

Inter Milan issued an optimistic statement when Eriksen joined them, which was the latest public announcement on his health and prognosis.

“Eriksen is doing well and is in excellent physical and mental shape,” the club’s statement read. He will follow the Danish doctor’s recovery plan in Copenhagen and will coordinate clinical follow up. Naturally, the Inter-medical staff will be informed throughout this process.

However, it is uncertain if Italy will resume action. Dr. Francesco Braconaro, a member of the Italian federation’s Scientific Committee, reportedly told Radio Kiss Kiss in July that Eriksen would only be cleared to play if a defibrillator that Eriksen had surgically implanted can be removed, a sign that the cause of the episode has been resolved.

Eriksen will have to move to another league, such as the Dutch Eredivisie. This is where the device can be used. Rumours have circulated that Ajax Amsterdam might be open to Eriksen’s return, as he was a star for the club in his earlier years.

Should Eriksen have the device removed, Italian sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport estimated that it would take 6-8 months to receive clearance from the Italian federation.

Christian Eriksen’s survival after cardiac arrest

Eriksen was knocked to the floor just before the half-time break of Euro 2021 in Copenhagen between Finland and Denmark. The captain Simon Kjaer, who was first to respond to Eriksen’s condition, made sure that his airways were open and started CPR. As his teammates formed a barrier around him, the medics took control and revived him.

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He was dead, so we performed cardiac resuscitation. The team doctor from Denmark confirmed that it was cardiac arrest a day later. “How close did we come to losing Eriksen?” It’s not clear. He was returned after only one defibrillator.

Eriksen was taken to Copenhagen Hospital and fitted with an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) that helps to restore a normal heart beat in the event of another cardiac episode. Regular tests have been performed under Danish medical supervision.

Christian Eriksen’s professional career so far

He was a talented player who made his mark at the Dutch club level, Ajax. After five seasons, Ajax offered him a transfer to Tottenham Hotspur in England’s Premier League.

Eriksen, who was in his seventh season at the London club with six months left on his contract, was transferred to Inter Milan in January 2020. The transfer fee is reported to have been in the range of $25-30 million. He returned to his peak form in Italy and helped Inter win the Italian Serie A title for 2020-2021.

Eriksen made his debut for Denmark in March 2010. He has played 108 games and scored 36 goals. His teammates from Denmark were inspired by Eriksen’s recovery and survival to reach the semifinals at Euro 2021.

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