Jurgen Klopp’s eyes: Liverpool manager is no more Wearing iconic glasses?

While Everton’s manager, he won the Champions League alongside the Reds with his famous facial hair. However, he lost his success in the following seasons when he used a razor on his face.

Liverpool supporters should not fear a repeat of Benitez’s unravelling of events. It would not be Klopp’s first change to one of his features.

Klopp’s smile is not only famous for his clothes, but also his bright, beaming smile.

After receiving advice from his dentist, he had his famed gnashers repaired.

The Liverpool boss said, “I visited the dentist to fix some issues so it was almost like coming in to get it fixed or worsened.”

Publited Sat, 21 August 2021 at 08:19.51 +0000

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