Latest Travel News: The list will change in the next week. Poland may be included.
Turn green and Maldives amber

Latest Travel News: The list will change in the next week. Poland may be included. Turn green and Maldives amber

In May, the government introduced the travel traffic light system. Every three weeks, the Government has announced changes to the red, green and amber lists.

This will be our last travel review before summer vacation.

It is an important announcement because if there are any changes in the schedule, parents will be able to take a family vacation before their children return to school at September 1.

The travel list could change next week.

The Maldives and Dominican Republic are currently on the redlist. Oman could become amber.


Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt are considered “borderline candidates” for the amber-list, although it remains to be seen if the red list will remove them.

Since April when Pakistan was added to the red list along with Kenya, Bangladesh, and the Philippines, Pakistan has been there.

It was because of concerns about the possible rise in popularity of the Delta version.

Although some parts of Pakistan have placed lockdowns in place, only 3 percent of Pakistan has been immunized, which means that the virus can spread faster.

Some countries could be in peril of becoming red.

Jamaica faces the highest risk of being added to the amber and taken off the red list.

The reason is that the Caribbean country has been fighting a third round of infection, the Delta variant being highly contagious and ever-present.

Andrew Holness was the island’s prime Minister. He said in a video conference that “our case numbers are unacceptable and increasing, and our rate of hospitalization exceeds – and this is something I would like to emphasize – the ability of our healthcare system to cope.”

South American countries also face more severe Covid-19 infections.

Every nation on the continent is on Britain’s “red list”.

The green list could see some adjustments for Britons.

If the country has low numbers of cases, Poland, Canada and Bosnia and Herzogovina could be turned from amber-to-green.

Three cases are reported per 100,000 in Poland, and 46.8% of the population has been fully immunized.

Canada is home to 37 double-jabbed cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and 68% of its citizens are also double-jabbed.

After the August 4th review, Paul Charles, a travel expert, stated that the same criteria applied to countries not yet added to the green list. This includes countries like Canada, Poland or the Czech Republic.

“So there are many countries around the globe that should be on the Green List, but they aren’t.”

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