London Cabaret Club: A'sensual celebrity hotspot'
Visit on your PS50 staycation

London Cabaret Club: A’sensual celebrity hotspot’ Visit on your PS50 staycation

Cabaret is an entertainment form that originated in France during the 1980s. It features singing and acting, much like a burlesque show. The London Cabaret Club attracts many British personalities who want to enjoy a different kind of evening. spoke with The London Cabaret Club CEOs, Doni Fierro and Evelina Girling, to find out what makes the London venue different from other burlesque clubs.

Doni, a former dancer, explained that unlike many other cabarets theirs does not show explicit nudity. This is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the show without being offended, or feeling uncomfortable.

We are proud to be such a success. “The Cabaret is known for its burlesque and nudity.

We are proud that we present a show of art and respect for our dancers.

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It is quite sensual, but it’s not sexual.

Doni said, “We’ve been criticised for being different but that doesn’t mean we were.”

With many Britons opting for staycations this year, some might want to enjoy an exciting summer break in the capital.

Why should they choose the West End show over the “cheeky”, when they visit London?


We love West End shows, but the show is too long. You only get 10 minutes for a glass of wine.

Doni said, “We enjoy a little chat during the show. You can also have dinner while you watch the performance.”

He said, “All of our dancers were trained at schools to become West End dancers and they enjoy being here.”

We might not be the West End’s biggest production, but we do give good and decent production shows with great dinner and beautiful service.”

Princess Beatrice came for some of our charity events and she was here recently.

Evelina explained that Janet Jackson was there for another major charity event.

Britons visiting the London Cabaret will be able to enjoy the special evening shows, including London Never Dies and Carnival Show. Who knows? Maybe even meet a Royal Guest.

The London Cabaret Club tickets start at PS50

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