Mark Wright says he 'always makes it work' wife Michelle
Keegan despite their busy schedules

Mark Wright says he ‘always makes it work’ wife Michelle Keegan despite their busy schedules

“Nobody should know how often we see one another:” Mark Wright said that he and Michelle Keegan make it work despite their hectic schedules.

Mark Wright has defended his relationship with wife Michelle Keegan, saying they ‘always makes it work’ despite their busy schedules.

The former TOWIE star, 34, – who married the Our Girl actress, also 34, in 2015 – said they ‘both work hard’ but ‘see each other plenty’.

In a recent interview, he said that the couple enjoy going to the gym together. He also talked about his sister Natalya’s modeling career as well as how he feels about reality television.

Happy: Mark Wright defends his marriage to Michelle Keegan. He said that the couple ‘always makes things work’ in spite of their hectic work schedules

Discussing his marriage with brunette beauty Michelle, he told The Sun: ‘Nobody needs to know how much Michelle and I see each other.

“We make it all work. The motorway is a long, winding road.

“We work together, she works harder, but there is no set of rules for life.

“I may see her for five consecutive days then go to work. Then I’ll see her again for five more days. We see each other a lot, so people shouldn’t worry.

Couple: Former TOWIE star (34), who wed Our Girl actress (34), in 2015. He said they both work hard but that they see each other a lot.

Michelle spent time in South Africa and Malaysia for the BBC drama Our Girl, while Mark hosted Extra in California.

Mark gave a rare insight into his personal life during the interview. He said that they enjoy going to the gym together and they ‘coincide their schedules so they can both work out.

He said that they look forward to doing different workouts once they reach their destination.

Mark, his younger sister Jess and her husband William Lee-Kemp are currently having a stag party. He also has Natalya (20), who is a rising star in the modeling world.

Aside: Michelle spent time in recent years filming locations like South Africa in the BBC Drama Our Girl (pictured), while Mark presented Extra from California

He laughed and said he didn’t have to teach her any tips on modeling because she has a natural talent for it.

Mark spoke out about his future plans, insisting that he’s done with reality television after TOWIE and Strictly Come Dancing.

The star spoke out about his future career plans and said that he may host a TV show in America. He also mentioned that he enjoys hosting various dating and sports shows.

Michelle said that she was frustrated by the constant questioning about Mark’s due date last year.

Strong: He spoke out about his relationship with Michelle, brunette beauty. It always works.

Actress wailed against sexist double standards, admitting that questions about her baby due date ‘bother’ and irritate her.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she said: ‘A few years ago it didn’t bother me and I answered the question.

“But, now I believe that I don’t have to answer because no one knows what happens behind closed doors.”

“I can remember that when I was done with Our Girl, people said to me: “Is it because your going off and having a baby?”

“I’m certain that Mark would not ask anyone if he had a job. This is unfair. I feel very frustrated.

Michelle and Mark are married since 2012, when they first met on vacation in Dubai.

Nine months after the TOWIE actress proposed, the couple were married at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk.

Family: Mark joked that Natalya was his sister’s model and said that he didn’t have to teach her any tips. (Natalya is shown in the photo)


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