Mars Rover Sky Watches, and Spots a Strange Martian Moon

While peering up at the hazy Martian sky, NASA’s Perseverance rover recently spotted one of Mars’ irregularly-shaped moons.

Deimos is a relatively small moon at just 7.5 miles across. It appears bright in Mars’ evening sky as shown in this timelapse video. NASA noticed the moon’s lumpiness while searching for Martian clouds overhead. Deimos, one of the Martian moons is about 30 hours long to orbit Mars.

Primarily the mission of the Rover is to search for signs of primitive life in the past, if any existed. It also collects small rocks samples to be used on a return mission to Earth.

The Jezero Crater is where the rover is drilling (a challenge). This exciting location was chosen because NASA scientists believe this area was once flooded and home to an old river delta. We know that microbial life can thrive in watery areas on Earth.

Perseverance isn’t just collecting rocks and sights on Mars: It’s also recording unprecedented Martian sounds. Perseverance can be heard rumbling on the rocks and its laser-zapping rocks.

Publited Sat, 21 August 2021 at 15:53:01 +0000

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