McDermott, Liverpool's legend of football is diagnosed with dementia

McDermott, Liverpool’s legend of football is diagnosed with dementia

Terry McDermott, Liverpool’s legend has announced that he was diagnosed with dementia.

After undergoing hospital testing, the 69-year old announced that he has Lewy Body dementia. He made 329 appearances for the club and scored 81 goals between 1974-82.

McDermott stated that McDermott was right to continue his work. This is how I was raised. I have never had it come easily. It’s not something I fear. Also, we have seen that there are many former players who are in worse situations than me.

McDermott pictured in 2011

“Battling has become second nature. It was the worst part, you didn’t even know my condition existed until I was diagnosed. It is alarming to see how many ex-players are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

McDermott has been called one of the best midfielders the club’s ever seen.

In November 1974, Bob Paisley signed him from Newcastle. He went on to win four league titles and three European Cups.

McDermott also received the 1980 PFA Footballer of Year and FWA Player of Year Awards.

On Saturday, he was at Anfield for Liverpool’s Premier League match with Burnley. He is eager to continue his attendance at Jurgen Klopp’s matches.

He said, “I have been looking forward for going down to Anfield to see the lads. People I’ve known for many years and sharing a great craic with them.” “Fortunately, there are regular games that I can attend.”

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