Microsoft Paint will be the first to launch under Windows 11.
Massive upgrade over the years

Microsoft Paint will be the first to launch under Windows 11. Massive upgrade over the years

Microsoft Paint will be the first to launch under Windows 11.
Massive upgrade over the years

Windows 11 will be the next big version of this popular operating system. It plans to totally overhaul its design. We now know how significant that redesign will be, ahead of its October launch. Microsoft confirmed that many default Windows apps will be getting a revamp. Microsoft’s iconic Paint tool is also being updated, joining the Mail, Calculator, Calendar and Snipping Tool.

Panos Panay (Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer) shared an exclusive video via Twitter showing a preview of the updated app. Panos described the new-look app as “beautifully designed “.

The video shows a quick overview of the new app, which has been updated in Windows 11’s softer visual style. In keeping with Microsoft’s love of rounded corners and simplified interfaces, Microsoft now offers circular colours in the paint palette. The app also has a dark mode for those who want to be creative even after work.

Other than that, the majority of tools and features, such as brushes, shapes and pencils, seem to have remained the same. However, they could be being upgraded.

The new update has so far been light on detail.

Paint is the beneficiary of this new feature. The app was first introduced back in Windows 1.0 in 1985. It has been available in all versions of Windows since. But Microsoft threatened to shut down the artistic app in 2017, adding it to a list of features that would be removed from Windows 10.

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Original plans were to make Paint 3D a replacement for the Paint drawing app. This program allows users to model and create 3D objects, as well as 2D graphics. Although the company had hoped that this advanced tool would be popular with hobbyists, small game developers have largely adopted it.

The app’s loyal users reacted furiously to its planned demonetization. In March 2021, Microsoft declared that Paint 3D would not be being retired.

Windows Insider testers will soon be able to download the updated Paint app. Rest of us will need to wait till October when Windows Insider testing program users will receive the updated Paint app.

This is only one change in Windows 11. This radical update, available to some but not all, will bring a new Start Menu and interactive widgets. It also offers the ability to manage multiple windows on multiple screens. The iconic Blue Screen of Death, which was once a symbol of death and destruction, will be black.

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