OnlyFans did not mention “sex workers” on Twitter until then Start leaving

OnlyFans tweeted Saturday the expression “too much, too late”

This tweet addresses directly “sex workers” and includes the hashtag #SexWorkIsWork. However, it does not offer any solutions to the new content policy that has been rolled out. It prohibits users from being on the platform as they choose. But sure, #SexWorkIsWork!

OnlyFans has been criticized by sex workers who have posted that they are quitting. OnlyFans took 20% of the sex worker’s revenue over years, before changing the rules to make it more difficult for them.

This turn of events renders OnlyFans’ tweet acknowledging the contribution sexworkers have made to the platform’s growth suspiciously dishonest, to be sure. It also doesn’t address sex work on Twitter before as Twitter users pointed out and a Google search shows.

A whopping one mention of sex workers.
Credit: Image: Twitter
No results.
Credit: Image: Twitter

Self-identified sex workers criticised the company’s promotion of SFW content and not adult content creators in the responses to the tweet. The company’s Instagram account shows that its bikini-clad and lingerie-clad female models are not considered sex workers, but models.

With sarcastic quote tweets and incredulous comments piling up, the tweet is on its way to getting ratioed.

Has OnlyFans been taking “how to apologize” cues from Andrew Cuomo? This “sorry, not sorry” is just too limiting.

Publited Sat, 21 August 2021 at 19:39.35 +0000

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