Piers Morgan ridiculed Meghan Markle’s feud: “She lives in,” Your head rent is free

Piers Morgan decided to mock the Duchess of Sussex again this week as he received a nomination for a National Television Award. He branded Meghan “Princess Pinocchio” – something which he has called her in the past. Twitter: He said, “Most pleased to be nominated TV Presenter Of The Year at the National Television Awards – although could be a bit #awks from ITV if I win because of my work for @GMB.

“Might need to send Princess Pinocchio with a Brando to get it …”

Piers was a frequent critic of Meghan. However, his repeated attempts at humiliating the Duchess were condemned in May.

A meme was posted by the former Good Morning Britain host on Instagram suggesting that Meghan might be attracted to Bill Gates, a newly single man.

Piers posted a picture of Meghan laughing to herself, with the text: “So Bill Gates got divorced.” This text also included money emojis.

Piers was however criticized by a variety of social media users for his post.

One person said, “She’s obsessed with you.” Weird!

A second addition: She lives rent-free in your head.

A third commenter said: “Gosh! Do you spend every waking moment thinking about her?” #obsessed

Piers quit Good Morning Britain two months earlier after refusing to apologize for remarks he made regarding Meghan’s mental state.

In a March interview, Meghan stated that she’d had a difficult time being a member of the Royal Family. She also revealed at one point she didn’t feel like she wanted to live anymore.

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Piers stated that he didn’t “believe a word” of the Duchess, and ITV was hit with a record amount Ofcom complaints.

Piers left Good Morning Britain after which an ITV spokesperson stated: “Following discussions between ITV and Piers Morgan, Piers has decided now is a good time to depart Good Morning Britain.” ITV accepted the decision, and there is nothing more to say.

According to The Guardian and The Telegraph, Meghan was the one who complained about Piers’s remarks to ITV.

Piers stated that Piers had thought about his Oprah interview opinion and was still not convinced by Meghan. He added that freedom of speech was a mountain he’d be happy to die upon.

He said, “Thanks so much for the love and hatred. “I’m going to be spending more time sharing my thoughts.”

Jeremy Clarkson joined the fray during a show that ITV launched in April.

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Clarkson made fun of the Duchess and joked that Piers Morgan had “a point” after his departure from Good Morning Britain.

He referred to the interview of Oprah Winfrey with the Duchess on It’s Clarkson TV.

He stated that Meghan Markle appeared to, how politely can I say it – “break wind” at one point.

Oprah responded by showing Meghan talking about a time following her marriage to Prince Harry.

Clarkson said: “Sorry, can we just listen that again. It really sounds like Piers Morgan had an argument. Her pants were really on fire.

ITV’s legal department has sent me a note. It should be clear that it was not fart. I don’t know how they can do that.

They want me to clarify that Oprah made the fart noise.

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