"Rainbow": 'Ted Lasso nails it!"

“Rainbow”: ‘Ted Lasso nails it!”

The second season of Ted Lasso has been in development to the moment.

Yes, that’s Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), who triumphantly returned to AFC Richmond. However, I’m also referring to the use of “She’s a Rainbow”, by The Rolling Stones as Roy runs back to Richmond’s stadium.

Ted Lasso already has a wonderful soundtrack, but “She’s a Rainbow”, is the best needle drop. It’s first and foremost a wonderful song. A classic psychedelic rock tune with an unforgettable piano line, sweetly romantic lyrics, and a catchy melody. However, “She’s a Rainbow”, unlike other needle drops, isn’t just a scene. This is a part of Ted Lasso’s story. It’s also added to the show’s story, giving it another level of meaning.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment from earlier in the season, Leslie Higgins (Jeremy Swift) picks up a call from his wife, Julie (Mary Roscoe). What is the ringtone? The ringtone? “She’s A Rainbow.” This could have been a joke about the song being used in iMac ads, as Ted Lasso appears on Apple TV+. Perhaps. We learn more about Higgins’ choice of ringtone and the reasons why it is so important in Season 2 episode 5.

Higgins tells Rebecca Welton, Hannah Waddingham that “She’s a Rainbow”, is the song he was listening to when he married his wife. He describes how he tried to act like a brooding punk, but the song played and he decided to try upright air bass. Julie wasn’t the only one who laughed at him after he drank too much. He was also able to clean his mess with a towel that Julie gave him.

Rebecca asked Higgins about his “brand”, and he replied with this story. He tells Rebecca, after thinking it over.

“I think the best brand is being you.”

Rebecca and Higgins’ whole conversation puts “She’s a Rainbow” in a specific context within Ted Lasso. It’s not only about love but about living your life. Higgins did not connect to Julie pretending to be someone he was not. By being himself, he was able to connect with Julie.

Ted Lasso gives “She’s a Rainbow” a special meaning for Higgins.

What does all this have to do Roy Kent?

Roy’s Season 2 story has focused on finding his place outside of Richmond. Although he’s found some success as a Sky Sports football pundit, it’s not what he wants.

Coaching is what is satisfying. This was evident earlier in season, when he coached Phoebe (Elodie Blomfield), team. This is what we see in the episode when he tells Isaac McAdoo, (Kola Bonni), to have fun with football. Roy realizes this and runs for Richmond. That’s when “She’s a Rainbow!” kicks in.

The needle drop without the Higgins/Rebecca conversation would have probably worked just as well as Roy’s journey. This moment is made more emotional by Higgins’s relationship with the song. Roy realizes that he is a coach as “She’s a Rainbow” plays. He is a Greyhound. He is Richmond until he dies.

Ted Lasso also gets huge points for making use of “She’s a Rainbow” to the fullest extent. It’s a song with many stops and starts. There are long instrumental breaks that end in rousing choruses. Roy’s story is set up to work within this structure. The song moves along with Roy, rather than fighting it or completely ignoring it.

There are also the little details like rainbow streamers that ride on pedicab Roys or Julie’s rainbow! On the song “have you ever seen her in blue?” she appears in blue. Even the sequence incorporates the discordant section towards the end of “She’s a Rainbow.” This scene focuses on Nate Shelley, Nick Mohammed, who seems very unhappy to learn that Roy has joined their coaching staff.

Ted Lasso makes “She’s a Rainbow” special for Higgins. Roy’s return to Roy is a huge emotional win. This moment and that song are the centerpiece of this episode, which is absolutely brilliant. Roy Kent would be proud to say, “bloody f***ing amazing.”

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