Richard Madeley blasts 'woken' police for their job ads
"Deserving of Harry and Meghan"

Richard Madeley blasts ‘woken’ police for their job ads “Deserving of Harry and Meghan”

Richard Madeley blasts 'woken' police for their job ads
"Deserving of Harry and Meghan"

Since Piers Morgan’s March departure, Mr Madeley, together with other guests, has been sitting in the Good Morning Britain anchor seat. After refusing to apologize for remarks he made regarding Meghan Markle, Mr Morgan was a controversial figure who “lost” his job. He said that Morgan “didn’t believe” Meghan Markle had suicidal thoughts in her first pregnancy. This was revealed by Meghan and Harry’s two-hour CBS interview with Oprah Winfrey.

While Mr Madeley often collaborated with his wife Judy Finnigan, on Richard & Judy, and This Morning, he also has taken on individual projects such as ITV’s Fortune: Million Pounds Giveaway.

Along with Ben Shephard and Bill Turbull, Richard Bacon, Richard Bacon, Alastair Campbell, and Richard Bacon, he has also been beneficiaries of Mr Morgan’s dramatic GMB exit.

Like his predecessor, Mr Madeley is also outspoken. He has taken aim at Harry, Meghan and others in the past but perhaps less consistently.

In fact, Mr Madeley criticized a West Midlands Police force advertisement for the post of Assistant Director of Fairness and Belonging as “woke talk” in January.

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According to the job description, the force is looking for someone who can think ahead and be creative in order to “oversee an improved inclusive culture at work.”

Successful candidates must have an authentic presence, be comfortable with high-ranking leaders and demonstrate “expertise, dedication and commitment to the inclusion agenda.”

M. Madeley compared the advertisement to “the kind of thing Harry or Meghan would dream up.”

In his column for the he wrote: “I couldn’t extract a scintilla of meaning from that ad – not one solitary sausage of sense.

Madeley said: This job provides frontline coppers the tools to properly police multiethnic communities that are complex and diverse. __S.14__

Who could disagree with this? Why didn’t it just state that in the advertisement? All the California-speak!

“West Midlands Police job ads should now be written by their press office – and the person responsible for this one put on point duty immediately.

Last year, Mr Madeley also spoke out about Government’s COVID-19 response. He claimed that lockdown was a futile game of hide-and-seek.

He said that the virus wasn’t nearly as severe as the Black Death for the majority of the population.

A study done by Self Made Celebs yesterday found Mr Madeley to be the second-sexiest male television personality.

This study counts how many people call celebrities’sexy’ on Twitter. It found that Gordan Ramsay, Mr Madeley, and Jonathan Ross were the most sexy male television personalities.

Amazingly, David Attenborough, 95, was fourth ahead of younger competitors like Paul Hollywood and Noel Fielding.

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