Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is a refined version of the original Galaxy Fold

Samsung wasn’t quite ready to declare the Galaxy Note dead. But not yet. We asked the company a second time after the Unpacked month, and a representative replied:

Samsung constantly evaluates its product line to make sure it meets consumers’ needs and introduces technology to enhance users’ mobile experience. In 2021, we will not launch new Galaxy Note smartphones. Samsung intends to enhance the Note experience, bring the popular productivity and creativity tools, such as the S Pen across the Galaxy ecosystem, with products like Galaxy S21 Ultra, and expand it to other product categories, like laptops and tablets. Once we are ready to share, more information will be available about our future portfolio.

This is not an exact answer but a repetition of the company’s earlier announcement about no new Note in 2021. Samsung responded similarly to our question about whether the problem was due to chip shortages.

All sectors of technology are feeling the current volatility in the semiconductor market. Samsung is working hard with its partners to reduce the effects and we will keep trying.

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The Galaxy Fold 3 is not yet the successor to the Note’s decade-old phablet crown. The Galaxy Fold 3 is now redundant due to the new features in the Galaxy S series and company’s foldable. Samsung’s “wait and see” approach seems to be the most probable. The Note’s demise is just as likely if the Fold 3 sells well. However, that remains a huge “if”.

Samsung knew how to present early Folds as interesting experiments. With the scales that Samsung trades in, it’s not easy to become the market leader with new technologies. Both in terms reliability and acceptance, the original Fold raised many questions. Without retreading the former too much here (we’ve written plenty about it), let’s just say the company went back to the drawing board a couple of times with that first round.

The company also revealed that the first year it had sold 1 million units. This was an impressive and surprising figure. It can’t match the numbers of the S and Note Series but it is a good indicator that early adopters, even if it wasn’t a proven device at $2,000, were there.

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Fold 2 saw the company address some of the most pressing issues with the predecessor. This resulted in a stronger and more complete device. While the Fold 3 doesn’t represent a major departure, there are key improvements and refinements. Here’s the latest from top-level:

  • Support for S-Pen
  • Water resistance IPX8
  • Displays slightly larger on the outside
  • Camera with under-display
  • Front glass, frame, and interior screen protector strengthened

What does this all mean? Samsung’s answer to this question is simple: A new flagship. This is one of those terms in mobile that has a vague definition. Samsung had previously two flagships in the Note and S series. The above words will determine if this is a technology passing moment for Notes or the declaration of a third Galaxy flagship. It does however signal Samsung’s confidence that the high-end foldable will become mainstream.

It is easy to take the first step towards mainstreaming the product. The price. Price. The Fold 3 remains far from an affordable phone. It’s still quite affordable at $1,800. That is the same price as two flagship smartphones. It’s a significant step forward, however, with a $200 decrease in price from the predecessor. As Samsung scales the technology further, one can only imagine/hope that things will continue to fall. The new Flip is an affordable foldable that can be purchased for as low as $1,000. We’ll be discussing this in more detail later.

Any new form factor will have its problems, even one made by Samsung. It is a vivid memory that I used to walk around with my original Fold, afraid of damaging it. It is expected that the user will use the device in the same way as they would their own phone during review. However, the original Fold was not available at the time, so I felt nervous about the possibility of breaking the $2000 price tag.

Well, it was me. It wasn’t my first. The device was subject to enough problems that it needed strengthening before being released into the wider world. To be honest, it was the right decision. Although I doubt anyone expected the Fold to be impervious, it is a reasonable expectation that standard use will continue.

Two-fold was the primary solution. The company extended the protective film beyond the edges because it looked too much like the screen protectors Samsung ships with. Second, they added a brush mechanism inside the hinge mechanism. This would allow for some debris to be allowed in but sweep it away during opening. This would eliminate it from the screen before any damage could occur.

Second generation is now made of a stronger, more flexible foldable glass. These protections are further extended by the new version. This is the Fold’s first release that does not come with an extensive list of restrictions as soon as you open it. This is a positive sign. Users should, as a rule of thumb, use the phone in a comparable way. And invest in one. After all, it’s a $1,800 phone.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

IPX8 is perhaps the most important addition to the durability rating. This rating provides water resistance up to 1.5m for 30 minutes. Due to the complexity of its mechanisms, the company’s foldables range was slow in gaining the kind of waterproofing/water resistant that is almost standard on premium smartphones. However, the “X” rating indicates there is no dustproofing. This is due to the fact that the hinge was designed to allow particles into the device (as mentioned above).

Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass Victus has been applied to the front and back surfaces of this device. Corning states that Gorilla Glass Victus was able to withstand drops of up to two meters on hard and rough surfaces in our laboratory tests. Competitive aluminosilicate glasses from other brands typically fail at drops of 0.8 metres. Gorilla Glass Victus’ scratch resistance is 4x higher than that of competitive aluminosilicate,” the phone’s hinge and body are made of an alloy Samsung claims to be “the strongest aluminum in smartphones today.”

The most significant feature is that the reinforced screen protector extends to the sides. This makes it much more challenging and less tempting for you to remove. This protection doubles as a standard protector (a smartphone that is susceptible to damage from excessive tapping or taps) and also allows for S Pen functionality. Three lines now use the company’s stylus, as well as all its productivity features.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

The company also introduced the S Pen Pro and a Fold-specific model. This $50 stylus has a smaller tip and retractable tip that is specifically made to reduce pressure on the screen. Both styli were similar in performance, so I didn’t find any significant differences. Samsung does not explicitly recommend the Pro but I would choose the Fold Edition. The system will also warn you if your older S-Pen version is used.

TechCrunch was provided with the following statement by TechCrunch regarding stylus compatibility

S Pen Pro and S Pen Fold Edition are not compatible because they use a different frequency to standard S Pens. S Pen Pro can be used with any S Pen enabled device, such as smartphones, Chromebooks and Samsung Galaxy tablets. The switch located at the top allows users to change the frequency of S Pen Pro.

S-Pen function is possible on the 7.6-inch canvas. The Fold, like all foldables, still shows a noticeable crease at the middle. It takes some time to get used to this, as opposed to the Note. If you are a dedicated stylus user, this functionality works well alongside a growing number of productivity tools such as multiple active windows or app split view. Samsung has assembled a productive collection of tools.

The Fold does not have a slot to hold the S Pen, as the Note and the S lines do. The Fold does not have a slot for the S Pen. It is possible that there were structural issues. Samsung offers an S Pen Case for people who want to take their stylus everywhere, but are worried about it being lost.

Since last year, the primary display hasn’t seen much change. The primary display is still 7.6 inches and has a 120Hz refresh rate. It also supports HDR10+. Although the 6.2 inch front screen does not have high dynamic range, it was bumped to 120Hz from 60Hz. It is a huge improvement on the previous year’s exterior screen. You may not want to have the screen unfolded at all times. Although the aspect ratio of most apps is too small to rely upon, App Continuity allows you to seamlessly switch between different screens in enabled apps.

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It isn’t really a major addition to the screen, but a subtraction. The main screen has been stripped of the pinhole camera. An under-display camera, the first Samsung device to have one, replaces it. This technology is a long-standing top ten list for many companies. The feature is not new to Samsung, but Oppo as well ZTE and ZTE are familiar with it. Similar technology is used in the Fold, which uses a thin layer above the hole punch. Although the spot can still be seen, especially if there is a white image, at first glance, you will see that it offers something else.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

You will notice that these cameras’ image quality has been poor if you have followed the space. Samsung is also suffering the same fate. These photos were shot on both the under-display 10-megapixel and four-megapixel cameras. The under-screen camera has a blurry or hazy effect — not what we would expect of a premium smartphone in 2021.

Samsung was open about it in a previous conversation. The Fold is its first phone to feature the technology. You have the option to use the front-facing camera as a selfie camera, which is a great feature that makes it stand out from other phones. It is not something I would rely upon for photographing photos. The large format makes it awkward. It might work in an emergency for teleconferencing, however, it’s probably best to use the front camera. It’s something Samsung could improve upon in the future, as its underlying technology improves.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

The major camera system is, however, virtually unchanged from the previous version.

  • 12MP Ultra Wide. F2.2, Pixel size: 1.12mm, FOV: 123-degree
  • 12MP Wide-angle. Dual Pixel AF, OIS, F1.8, Pixel size: 1.8mm, FOV: 83-degree
  • Telephoto 12MP PDAF, F2.4, OIS, Pixel size: 1.0mm, FOV: 45-degree

This is a fantastic camera set that takes great photos. You can switch between the 7.6 inch and the 6.2-inch viewfinders. (Honestly again, it’s kind of awkward to shoot in many scenarios so I mostly stuck with the smaller screen).

The battery takes an even smaller hit at 4,500mAh to 4,400mAh. It is split into two modules between the display halves. Although it’s not a significant step, this is a start in the right direction. This device is power-hungry. You should be able, depending on how you use it, to last a full day. This isn’t a big problem as long as most of us remain at home. However, it’s probably not something that you will be able to do all day.

The latest Snapdragon 888 is featured on the Fold. This is paired with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, according to the Samsung model we received. The price will rise to $1,900 if you double the storage.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

The Fold has gone from a troubled tech product for early adopters to something much more solid in just two years. It was impressive. Although Samsung is happy to use mainstream when referring to its foldables it can’t help but feel that these goals remain far off.

Although the price has begun to fall, the product remains prohibitively costly for many. Although I can’t really answer your question about why such a product is necessary, the benefits of larger screens are obvious. The form factor can be a little cumbersome in many cases.

The Galaxy Note may suddenly become redundant. This is more due to the Galaxy S Series than the Fold. Samsung may also want to consider the Galaxy Z Flip if it is interested in a mainstream foldable experience. This is the best choice in terms of price, size, flexibility, and looks. Coming soon:

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