The news Freeview customers have been waiting for is finally here For

The latest updates from Freeview will please those who rely on Freeview for terrestrial channels such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 4… This week, the UK Government announced that Freeview has been granted a renewed licence.

UK Government to support costs of ensuring that Sky Arts, ITV2, E4, GB News and E4 remain free for viewers in the UK up to 2034. Some of the most popular channels are available on Freeview, such as Gogglebox, Channel 4’s Love Island and Married At First Sight on Channel 2.

John Whittingdale, media minister, confirmed that Freeview TV will continue to be available and provide a wide range of popular news and entertainment channels throughout the 20th century. Freeview’s future is secure so that people will continue to be able to access its amazing content. We also ensure that a critical medium remains for public broadcasters to serve their audiences over the coming years.

This move was made to guarantee that public broadcasters such as Channel 4 and ITV have space on Freeview. Digital UK is the parent company of Freeview. This joint venture was formed by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 as well as the transmitter operator Arqiva, until last year when the latter decided to leave the project. To share technology between both free-to-watch services, it acquired Freesat in July 8.

Freeview and Sky Q viewers just got a brand-new FREE channel

Freesat has a number of advantages over Freeview. The most notable is the fact that it uses satellite broadcasting to provide a choice of 24 high definition channels. These include those from BBC, ITV and Channel 5, Discovery Networks (France 24, Paramount Networks), Bloomberg, RT UK, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT World, TRT UK, TRT UK, TRT UK, TRT UK, TRT UK, TRT UK, TRT UK, TRT UK, TRT UK, TRT UK, TRT UK, ITV UK, Channel 5 Discovery Networks

Freeview Play, which needs an internet connection in order to access catch-up TV services through the TV Guide, has more content than Freesat. Scrolling left from the TV Guide allows viewers to jump to previously-aired programs via a Freeview Play set-top or television.

It pulls in content from over 10 online catch-up channels. Freeview Play hit 30,000 hours in free-to-watch content earlier this year thanks to movies and shows from BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

You can get Freeview Play preinstalled onto a variety of Smart TVs and set-top boxes as well as through smartphone apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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