Toilet paper is one of the strangest items that Queen Elizabeth never takes with her.
Hot water bottles

Toilet paper is one of the strangest items that Queen Elizabeth never takes with her. Hot water bottles

Having travelled all around the world, the Queen uses jet lag medicine to beat the jet lag when on the other side of the globe. According to reports, the Queen uses homeopathic remedies that include sugarcandies and barley sugar candies. Sweets can adjust the body’s clock to match your destination’s eating habits.

Also, the Queen never travels with a white outfit.

Queen Elizabeth usually wears bright and beautiful block colours, but she always has a black outfit in her bag just in case of tragedy.

While Her Majesty was in Kenya on a royal tour, King George VI passed away. Elizabeth didn’t have any mourning clothes.

When she returned to Britain, she was instructed to stay on the plane until her black gown was delivered.

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She and the Royal Family members must always travel in a black suit.

When she travels, the Queen always carries a strange thing: her toilet paper.

Gordon Rayner was a journalist who covered 20 years royal tours. He revealed that Queen Elizabeth always brought her personal toilet paper sealed with stickers she could not break and only her and Prince Philip allowed to use it.

She also makes sure she takes several outfits with her on her royal visits and encourages other female royals do the same.


Rayner claims that the Queen takes a complete clothes rail with up to 30 outfits on her trips. All are kept in perfect condition and protected by sleeves.

Even though Queen Elizabeth may be flying, her afternoon tea is a must.

According to the Telegraph, staff bring tea, scones and clotted milk, along with the Scottish fruitcake Dundee Cake.

It is a huge logistical task to run a royal tour. The Queen must take up to 34 guests on her overseas trips.

She has in the past, brought with her six secretaries, eight bodyguards, two dressers, and two ladies-in-waiting.

International chefs will be warned about the dangers of eating foods that Queen Elizabeth would never approve.

These include garlic and shellfish. However, Her Majesty’s entourage is committed to preventing food poisoning.

They will bring British food and bottled waters if there is any doubt that local food won’t be safe.

According to Globe-Trotter’s website, Queen Elizabeth II purchased a set Globe-Trotter luggage in 1947 as part of her honeymoon. She has continued using the same bag since then.

Royal Family use a colour-coded system to identify their luggage. Yellow luggage tags are used by the Queen, which has “The Queen” printed on them.

Every member of the royal family has a different colour. Kate Middleton uses yellow, Prince William, Prince Charles and Prince Charles use red and Prince George use blue. Princess Anne uses green.

It is well-known that the Queen sleeps with a hot water bottle in her bed to heat a cold mattress.

The Queen always brings a water bottle with her on royal trips.

Officially, Queen Elizabeth issues British passports. She is therefore not obliged to own one.

She answers only the most basic questions to verify her identity, such as her age and her address.

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