2021 BMW M3 Brooklyn Grey is now on custom HRE All Wheels


It’s not a design masterpiece, but the G80 BMW M3 doesn’t look like it. The G20 3 Series’ original car is now ruined by its shabby grille and annoying rear wheel arches. There is hope. There is no way to fix that grille or the wheel arches. You can replace the wheels with HRE S104SC, which make a huge difference. The HRE S104SC wheel will make this M3 look even more funky.

HRE’s S104SC wheel are two-piece FMR, Forged Monobloc Rim. This means that the barrel is made of one piece of forged steel and is attached to a center piece. They are stiffer than traditional three-piece wheels. Two-piece FMR wheels can be ordered with either an Angled Lip, or Flange lip. These photos show the latter.

Image courtesy of HRE Wheels

These photos show that the wheel finish matches the Brooklyn Grey exterior paint from the G80 M3 Competition. Frozen Dark Clear is the HRE finish. It looks fantastic, and has a natural look that blends sportiness and sophistication. HRE Wheels are known for offering a wide range of finishes, including Frozen Clear.

They are not great on the G80 BMW M3 standard wheels. These wheels aren’t terrible, but they’re not the best. These HRE S104SC two piece wheels add drama and flair to the M3, but don’t make it flashy.

[Photos by HRE Wheels]

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