After a CSI-star William Petersen was injured, he is rushed to a local hospital.
Health scare at CSI: Vegas

After a CSI-star William Petersen was injured, he is rushed to a local hospital. Health scare at CSI: Vegas

After suffering a serious health problem on set of CSI: Vegas, William Petersen from CSI is rushed to a local hospital.

  • Peterson (68) fell ill while filming CSI: Vegas at Los Angeles
  • The man was taken by ambulance to the hospital out of an abundance
  • An actor representative said that he was released from prison and doing well now
  • After several weeks of working long hours, they attributed their health problem to exhaustion.
  • Petersen starred as Gil Grissom, CSI supervisor on the first series. He also leads the limited-series CSI: Vegas.

After falling ill while on set for his CBS classic, William Petersen was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

The 68-year-old actor was hard at work filming the limited series epilogue CSI: Vegas at the time, TMZ reported on Sunday.

A representative for Petersen said he was on the show’s Los Angeles set when he started feeling under the weather.

According to TMZ, William Petersen (CSI) star, 68 was taken to a hospital Friday afternoon after falling ill at CSI: Vegas’ Los Angeles location. Santa Monica, CA: Featured in 2019.

Petersen then told the director of the episode that he needed to quit his job.

The actor was apparently in a serious enough condition to require an ambulance ride to the nearest hospital. However, the representative of the actor said that it was only necessary to keep him safe.

The CSI chiefstay was released from hospital in the meantime and appears to be doing well.

The representative of the actor said that the cause was exhaustion or overexertion. He had been working on the series for 12 weeks and has a tendency to work longer hours.

Petersen is now on the mend. A Petersen rep said that he was released from hospital and doing much better. His illness was a result of ‘overexertion’ or exhaustion from 12 consecutive long work weeks.

Petersen’s most prominent role is on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He started starring in it in 2000.

For the first nine seasons of the series, he played Gil Grissom, CSI’s graveyard supervisor. He returned to the role several times during later seasons, including the final TV movie Immortality.

The series was not only filled with traditional police work but also featured investigators who used their science and brains to solve criminal cases through detailed investigations.

Iconic: Petersen is most identified with his lead role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which he began starring on in 2000, after making a name for himself in 1980s crime film classics

It is iconic: Petersen’s lead role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was his most prominent. He began starring in the series in 2000 after making a name in 80s crime films.

Petersen rose to prominence with his roles as the lead in crime films To Live And Die In L.A. (1985), and Manhunter (1986). Manhunter was the first movie to portray Hannibal Lecter.

Despite his commitment to TV with the CSI franchise over the last two decades, he continued appearing in movies sporadically with his latest role in Seeking A Friend for The End Of The World.

Petersen was also a Steppenwolf Theatre Company member in Chicago, where he has maintained an active presence. He co-founded Remains Theater Ensemble.

CBS last month announced that his series CSI: Vegas will premiere on their network October 6, 2021.

Soon: His CSI character is being revived for CSI: Vegas. This limited series sequel to the original show will air soon. The show will premiere October 6, 2021.


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