Death In Paradise star Ralf Little details 'magical' moment
Amy Winehouse

Death In Paradise star Ralf Little details ‘magical’ moment Amy Winehouse

Death In Paradise star Ralf Little details 'magical' moment
Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, the late singer, touched many lives from 2003 when she issued her first single. Actor Ralf Little shared his memories of spending the afternoon with Amy Winehouse before she died in 2011.

Death in Paradise actor Ralf, 41, revealed he was in complete awe of the Back to Black songstress during the time they spent together.

Will Mellor, his former star also revealed that they had a brief encounter in 2007 following her victory at the Southbank Awards 2007, in which she was awarded Best British Female Artist.

Ralf now says that Amy was her fan, but she also liked him. However, Amy preferred Ralf’s “other” Two Pints of Lager and one Packet of Crisps to Will.

The pair spoke on the podcast Two Pints With Will and Ralf and explained how Amy and her friend were both in love with each other.

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Ralf shared the following statement about the revelation: “There is a second part to the story you don’t understand, so we went there after the Southbank Awards, where she won. We were there also with The Royle family and The Queen of Shiba.

She came to me, and said, “Hey, my flatmate loves the other from Two Pints, but I love you.” I replied, “Oh, okay.”

Actor from Oldham, she continued: “We had some beers. I’ll tell ya what she did, we went to an afterparty where we mosey on up to the bar afterwards. So, Craig Cash and me are there, and Sacha Baron Cohen, because Borat won. There were some very big names there.

“And Amy is there, and Michael Ball the great musical star is also there.”

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Ralf said, “There is a pianist in the bar, and she’s Amy, and Amy walks up to her and whispers, and he begins playing.”

He starts to play some Tony Bennett, and Amy starts singing at the bar’s center.

Our Yorkshire Farm’s narrator said: “It was like, “This is the most magical,” before becoming distracted. Later, he added, “I can’t believe that I’m here.” After she had finished about one-half of the songs, the hotel manager came into the room and asked her to sing. She replied, “Sorry, but I have to sop.”

He was confused and said, “Yeah. Unfortunately, this isn’t our policy. This isn’t a singalong.”

We’d all pay a hundred grand to get this ticket, and we’re like Amy Winehouse.

Amy Jade Winehouse was born on July 23, 2011, and she tragically passed away four years later at home in Camden.

Her powerful voice was what made her a star among those who were able to hear her perform live.

Three days prior to her death, Amy performed Mama Said on Camden’s Roundhouse stage, along with her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield.

Amy died from alcohol poisoning, according to the coroner.

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