Don Everly is dead: The Everly’s last surviving member Brothers, age 84, dies in his home


Don Everly is dead: The Everly's last surviving member
Brothers, age 84, dies in his home

Phil was able to focus on Phil’s melody with his baritone vocal, while Don kept Don’s attention on the music. Phil needed to be onstage to see when Phil would enter.

The former said, “It’s just like playing tennis with somebody who is really good.” You can’t allow your mind to wander even for a second or else you will be lost.

Online tributes to Don have been coming in. Roy Orbison posted on his official Facebook page: “Roy Orbison loved these musicians as friends.

They helped Roy to become a singer-songwriter and move to Nashville, among other things. We are grateful to Don Everly for #doneverly

David Wild, a US writer continued “So sorry to hear about #DonEverly’s passing. The Beatles’ sound, and much of Rock History would be impossible without #TheEverlyBrothers. Don composed this song, and I think he & Phil are reunited & sing together in a better place tonight.

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