Elon Musk just introduced a life-changing idea. It’s a Life-Changing Idea. There is only one problem. And Everyone Misunderstood It

Elon Musk just introduced a life-changing idea. It's a Life-Changing Idea.
There is only one problem. And Everyone Misunderstood It

Although I have to admit that Elon Musk is more intelligent than the majority of people, he has had greater success than many others.

This is why I have studied him for so many years and even wrote a free ebook about it.Elon Musk has Very Big IdeasYou can.Download hereIt is possible to. It’s likely you will like it.

It’s the reason I was shocked to discover that Musk, his team, and others had failed to see a major problem when discussing the physical design for a life-changing idea.

I started to wonder why this could have been.

We must start by mentioning that Tesla is developing a humanoid robotics system. It looks almost like something out of , Robot. Musk was sincere in his announcement of the idea at Tesla’s AI Day. He promised that there would be a prototype within a year.

The Tesla bot is real. Tesla’s cars are semi-sentient robots. It’s a semi-sentient robot on wheels. It makes perfect sense to transfer that information onto a humanoid body.”

My concern is with Musk’s description of what the “humanoid” form will look like and how it will act.

  • “Friendly of course”
  • “Five feet eight inches tall.”
  • You can escape it, and almost certainly overpower it.

Musk laughed and said, “Hopefully it doesn’t happen.” You can run five miles per hour, but you won’t be able to go faster.

Here is where I stopped. It’s also where I paused.

Musk may have been a little sardonic. But imagine Musk building the things described and then letting them go to society so they can run independently. He stated that one use would be “Please take me to the grocery store so I can get the following groceries.” He said, “Please go to the store and get me these groceries.

Think about what it would feel like to see these items walking around your community, competing for space in stores and battling with pedestrians on the sidewalks.

Therefore, I believe the height and proposed size of the house are very important.

Forget about my personal physical stature; lots of media sources incorrectly parroted the idea that Tesla robots would be roughly as tall as the average American.

However, this is incorrect. Musk’s robot is slightly shorter than an average American male, and it stands 5 feet 4 inches taller than an average American woman. __S.32__

Musk now stands 6’2″. Musk is 6 feet 2.

Even if Musk isn’t able to grasp it, wouldn’t other people around him be able to speak out? It would have been easy for the women to see that even if his men were ignorant.

Ah, yes. Where’s the woman?

Let’s get to the numbers. Last December, Tesla released an audit explaining the demographic makeup of its employees, including its leadership team. This is what they had to say about gender representation.

  • 83 percent men.
  • 17 percent women.

Actually, the men who gathered in front of Musk during the unveiled of the robot concept were 100 percent male. The majority of men in attendance were much larger than the actors who played the robot during the presentation. Some of them even outweighed Musk.

Diversity is more than being fair and being good corporate citizens. You can also leverage your advantages such as knowledge and empathy, which you won’t get unless they are incorporated into the team.

You don’t have to meet the gender threshold to be considered a talented person. This will not only make it difficult to identify the potential impact on your ability to quickly understand the perspectives of the stakeholder groups.

However, I hope that Musk-like people will see the inherent problem in this idea of “a bit higher than most actual human beings” when it comes down to humanoid robotics.

Perhaps they’ll have listened by then, when Tesla really is ready to unleash its army on the rest of the world. They might be smaller but cuter, and more obvious harmless.

(Maybe fuzzier, too. They could try something more Ewok-like, rather than relying on UFC champ Connor McGreggor.

Anyway, if you agree, and you’d like to help Tesla “build the future of artificial intelligence,” it turns out they shared this application link during AI Day. You should apply.

But, this could be the end result. The final prototype, which will measure 6 feet 4 inches and weigh 250 pounds, will likely become a larger problem. It will subtly push non-Tesla customers to the side, in the real world.

Musk may say that this is unlikely to happen. __S.58__

You never know.

If you missed it, click the link below to see AI Day. At 2:05, the humanoid robotic section starts. Don’t forget the free ebookElon Musk has Very Large PlansYou can, indeed.Download it here(.)

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