Elvis movie: Graceland update on Baz Luhrmann’s “lush” biopic, “It’s like an time machine”.

Next summer the Elvis Presley movie biopic will finally hit cinemas. Australia has seen the secretive Warner Bros film production wrap up. There are no trailers nor movie stills. Graceland has now given an intriguing update to the blockbuster movie that is worth $150 million. It will be released exclusively on cinematic and possibly even premiered at The King’s house.

Joel Weinshanker, Graceland Holdings’ Managing Partner, was interviewed to discuss the Elvis film during this year’s Elvis Week.

He told how, before the production began, Baz and The King star Austin Butler visited Memphis’ mansion, and Tupelo, Mississippi, his birthplace.

Joel shared that one of his most memorable nights at Graceland was when he was in front of Baz Luhrmann’s mansion from 1-5am. They just chatted about Elvis.

This Hollywood director wanted to understand Elvis’ thoughts and goals.

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Joel also spoke out about how incredible it was to witness Austin Butler’s transformation into Elvis. He wasn’t the obvious choice like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Harry Styles, both of whom auditioned.

Graceland Holdings’ Managing Partner shared the following: “Tom Hanks [is] absolutely, transformatively unbelievable in his performance as Colonel Tom Parker.

This movie was made with such care and attention. This movie allows you to sympathize with Elvis.

This is the legacy that will be passed on to the next generation. You’re going to attract a new generation of people.”

Joel said, “You really get that feeling. The movie takes you to another place. This movie is almost like an automated time machine.

“And now you can be there with Elvis. I see Elvis from a perspective that is rare and beautiful.

Baz has a great taste in filmmaking. Let’s hope this biopic is in the same vein as Elton John’s Rocketman. Elvis will sing his songs throughout his remarkable life.

Elvis will be released into the cinemas June 3, 2022.

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