Fans wait for reviews on Aliens: Fireteam Elite to reveal the release date


Fans wait for reviews on Aliens: Fireteam Elite to reveal the release date

This month, the next major third-person multiplayer game is set to arrive. It promises plenty of Xenomorph fighting for players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Fans hope Aliens: Fireteam Elite, the latest official Aliens game to come out in the recent past will become the next major online shooter.

Teams will be faced with waves of terrifying Xenomorphs, as well as Weyland-Yutani synthetic foes.

This experience is meant to be shared with a group, but you may also have AI friends who can help you fight the Xenomorph threat.

You can create your Colonial Marine and enjoy four different campaign experience.

To combat the overwhelming odds, you will need to choose from many classes, weapons, equipment, and perks.

Many questions remain about how Aliens Fireteam Elite works in the wild, and gamers eagerly await the results of the first reviews.


Focus Interactive developers have confirmed that Aliens: Fireteam Elite will be released at 5am BST Tuesday August 24, 2010.

Aliens Team added: “Aliens Fireteam Elite is incoming at 00:00 Eastern Daylight Time, August 24th for all platforms.

This map was created to help you plan for the day when your cryo-sleep will come. We hope to see you at LV-895.

You can meet up with your Fireteam to regroup in the Endeavor’s Hangar. Here you will be able debrief on the next mission, review new information, replenish your Armory and perhaps even share your knife tip with fellow Marines.

There should be lots of feedback from fans and reviews after the new Aliens game is released.

Below are the latest details and features for Aliens Fireteam Elite.


As a Colonial Marine on the USS Endeavor fighting terrifying Xenomorphs, you play a key role in epic events 23 years later. The series features a variety of impressive visuals and iconic enemies. They also feature futuristic weapons and equipment.


Over 20 enemies types are up against you, from Facehuggers and Praetorians to Xenomorphs. Each one has its own intelligence, which allows them to outsmart, ambush and eviscerate any marine that is in danger. Use cover to protect yourself and your team. Extraterrestrial threats will overrun your fireteam at every angle. They will swarm through doors, vents and walls, crawl across ceilings and walls, and strike with incredible ferocity.


You can choose from 5 distinct classes: Gunner, Demolisher Technician, Doc, Doc, and Recon. Each class has its own unique abilities and character perks. In your quest to eliminate the Alien menace, you will have access to a wide range of weapons including 30+ and over 70 mods/attachments. A unique Perk Board allows you to modify and enhance your capabilities, while the Challenge Card system changes how each Campaign mission is approached, giving you a different experience every time.

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