Frozen Portimao Blue: 536 hp BMW i4 M50

BMW’s electrification plans for 2022 are set to become a major milestone. BMW will soon introduce new models almost ten years after the launch of their first electric car. The BMW i4 Gran Coupe is one of the new models, while the BMW iX hybrid crossover is the other. The i4 will replace the i3 and will be the entry-level BMW EV – until the iX1 is launched – while it will compete with the iX1 in the SUV market.

BMW USA has also opened the ordering bank for the 2022 BMW i4. A $1,500 fully refundable deposit is required and deliveries are expected to be by June 30, 2022. If you buy the car outright rather than leasing, then you may quality for a $7,500 federal rebate since BMW has not hit the 200,000 limit of electric vehicles sold in the United States.

This article may help you decide on your BMW i4’s color. We present a set of new photos from the BMW Group Brand Experience Center, Switzerland. They show the BMW i4 M50 top-of-the-line model in stunning Frozen portimao blue. The online configurator has been opened in several markets for the 2022 BMW i4. BMW USA, BMW UK, and BMW Canada are some examples. You can also visit the online configurator to view a variety of i4 packages, configurations and other options.

In Canada, the BMW i4 will be offered with the following color options: Alpine White, Mineral White, Black, Black Sapphire, BMW Individual Dravit Grey, Skyscraper Grey, Sunset Orange, Tanzanite Blue, San Remo Green, Aventurine Red, Brooklyn Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue. Some of those colors are specific to a model line – i440 vs. M50 – or even distributed by “accents”.

The inside is even more diverse. There are many leather options available from Sensatec, including the Vernasca Tacora Red and Black as well as the Sensatec Canberra Beige, Black and Oyster, Cognac and the Sensatec Canberra Beige, Black and Oyster. Interior trims can be made from aluminum or fine-wood trim. There are nine different options for wheel sizes, from 17 inches to 19 inches. There are two options: the classic BMW design, or the aerodynamic look.

As you can see in the photo gallery below, the Frozen Portimao Blue is arguably one of the best colors you can order, for any new BMW. So if you’re looking for your i4 to stand out even more, look no further!

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