How to FaceTime friends without iPhones

You’re likely to have been on many more video calls since COVID was introduced. Although many are now able to see others face-to-face post-vaccines, it is still vital that you can view the faces of people near and far on a monitor.

FaceTime, for iPhone users is the best option to make video calls. But how can you FaceTime with friends without iPhones?

Both Apple and Android users can rejoice, as iOS 15 will allows non-iPhone users to join FaceTime calls. FaceTime allows users to create and send a FaceTime connection from their smartphone.

However, there is one catch. Android users will have to open the FaceTime link in browser, which doesn’t make for the best call experience.

iOS 15 will not be available until fall. However, you might not wish to use a FaceTime link. Thankfully, there are other alternatives to FaceTime where iPhone and Android users can seamlessly video chat. These are only a few.

WhatsApp: To make a video call on WhatsApp, go to the conversation of the person you’d like to chat. You’ll see a link to the phone and a photo camera icon at the top of your screen. To start a video conference, tap the first.

Facebook Messenger: You can video call on Messenger, as well, and the instructions are similar to WhatsApp (perhaps no surprise, as Facebook owns WhatsApp). Click the camera icon and navigate to the chat for the person/people you wish to call.

Zoom or are two ubiquitous video services that have an app where you can also start video calls. It doesn’t really matter which type of phone you have, as long as they are using the app.

Android users will soon have FaceTime in some capacity. However, there are other ways to video chat.

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