How to use content to build your company’s brand

Content is not the only thing you might think about when it comes to branding. Logos and slogans are what you think of. The world is changing. Content is now a powerful tool for digital branding.

How to brand your business using content. This includes defining your audience and using copy, storytelling, and creating a caring atmosphere.

Define your audience

It is pointless to create content for the sake it. Without understanding your audience, their concerns, fears, and challenges, you will not be able to develop meaningful content. This is like spraying water everywhere with a gardenhose. This hose can be turned into a nail gun by first defining your audience.

I have helped numerous businesses create a buyer ICP (Ideal customer Persona), to narrow down the topics and content they should develop. You may also have different personas/demographics that you’re trying to target, as your business caters to more than just one. Remember that the more specific and tailored your message is, the higher your conversion rates.

If you are a startup that buys homes, then your content should focus on the fears and objections of home sellers and how you can help them reach their goals (selling the house).

For example, a part of your content strategy could be positioning your brand (or company) as an expert in the topic. Blog posts can provide details about the prospects’ market, recent trends and perhaps even micro-seller stats at the state/neighborhood level.

Your brand should be different from the rest

Content branding should not be an attempt to differentiate your company from others. This will build trust and educate your customers about what your business does.

Caring is one way to be different. You can create content in either of these two ways

  1. Attracting visitors, shares, and links (and eventually, sales) is the goal.

  2. A mindset that helps others. Giving back. Your content must address the pain points, needs and interests of your target audience.

Brands cannot be caring. People care. People buy from people. You can hire and reward people who care. Your content will spread organically if you foster a culture of care.

Storytelling is a common yet difficult-to-perfect method of branding content. A good story is something people love, so great marketers make sure they use it to their advantage.

Your brand’s story is what will make you stand out. It can evoke curiosity and create interest. Great copy is another way to do this. This will be an important factor in branding via content such as blogs, email, webinars and newsletters.

A copywriter must have a great vocabulary and perfect grammar. But, most important, they should know when and how to bend words and break rules to express their character. If done correctly, a casual text or choice in words can be considered professional.

These tactics can help you increase conversions as well as your search engine rank. It is important to make things easier to find. Otherwise, it is useless.

You should be:

My friend Joey Campbell (Director of Organic Growth Content for Nike), was an industry veteran. I wanted to know his views on this topic.

When it comes to brand content, voice, tone and style are all important. Aligning content and brand voice takes more than just putting pen to paper. You must first define and document your brand voice using clear and concise language. Talented, experienced writers and content creators are essential to your brand’s success. Every piece of content that you produce must be in alignment with your brand’s vision and mission. No matter how beautifully written, content without a purpose will not succeed.

Consistency of voice is the key. Your brand should reflect who and what you value. These values are reinforced over time through many content projects on various channels and media.

You now have a more effective game plan for marketing and branding your business. Content is key. First, identify your audience. Identify their needs, wants, fears, and problems. Next, stand out from the rest by creating great copy and storytelling. Nurture a caring environment and ensure that your voice and end goal are consistent. columnsists’ opinions are not the views of

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