How to use your iPhone's visual voicemail

How to use your iPhone’s visual voicemail

You can check missed calls with visual voicemail. A list of voicemails can be displayed, along with their length and date. You then have the option to choose the calls you want to delete or listen to.

Visual voicemail in iPhone.
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Setting up visual voicemail on an iPhone is straightforward. First, check if your carrier allows for visual voicemail; many major providers do.

Navigate to Voicemail in the Phone App. You’ll be asked to set up voicemail if you haven’t done so before. Set up a password for your voicemail and verify it.

You can then choose to personalize your voicemail or leave the default message.

Create a voicemail message or maintain the default.
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You can see the message in your visual voicemail if you are late to a call or the caller has left a message. Tap the message to listen and read a transcription (which may not be the most accurate).

To delete a message, swipe it left. Tap Edit at the top right to delete multiple messages. Next, select which messages you want to delete and then click Delete at the bottom right.

You can also share and save visual voicemails. To interact with a voicemail, tap it and then click the share button.

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The message can be sent to anyone you like, or saved to the Notes and Voice Memos app.

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