‘I am ashamed!’ Angelina Jolie condemns the US withdrawal Afghanistan facing growing concerns

Angelina Jolie has said she is “ashamed” by the manner of America cutting ties with Afghanistan after 20 years of war. The actress expressed her fears about women and young girls in the country having their social progress stripped away, as the Taliban seized control once again this month.

By 31 August 2021, the United States Armed Forces will be completely withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Angelina is an activist, actress and Special Envoy for the U.N. High Commission for Refugees. She shared her views in her most recent opinion piece published by Time.

She said, “I believed we were doing right, that our stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Afghans and that it was a noble cause.

It is difficult to keep that trust as we lose Afghanistan.”

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According to the mother-of-6, giving up the hope of reaching a peaceful agreement with Afghanistan’s Government was “a betrayal” and “impossible to understand.”

She wrote: “I think about the injured American military personnel and women that I met at Ramstein Air Base, some of whom had lost their limbs fighting against the Taliban– and who shared with me how proud they were to have been a part in helping Afghans gain basic freedoms and rights.”

Angelina continued to talk about the tough situation faced by women in Pakistan, especially now that the Taliban are back in power.

In attacks on schoolgirls, she noted that over 100 people were killed during the last year.

Monday’s speech by President Joe Biden was a defense of his decision to stop the war.

He stated that the team had made “significant progress” so far and had evacuated over 18,000 people in July and 13,000 since August 14th, when military lifts began.

Biden said: “As the logistics of evacuation continue, we are in constant contact to Taliban, working together to make sure civilians can safely access the airport.

We are particularly concerned about our commitments to making sure that every American can leave the country.

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