James Bond auditions. Casino Royale Director details intense Daniel Craig screen-test

Campbell was talking about his movie The Protege. He continued, “[It] is just a scene in which Bond enters his hotel room and takes off his jacket. Then he takes off his shoulder belt, places them on the couch, runs a bath, then senses that someone is there, crosses the balcony, and goes into the bedroom to find the girl in bed.”

Bond, who is holding a gun and wrapped in a towel during the famous scene from 1963’s From Russia With Love (1963), was captured by Sean Connery.

Director continued, “She has the Lektor [cipher] and Bond must do…one seduces her and two gets her to switch sides to get the Lektor.”

So it is both him and seduction. He seduces her for the Lektor, not only to make her sleep but also to seduce her.

Publiated at Sun 22 August 2021, 10:45:00 PM +0000

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