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John Cleese attacks ‘absurdly’ political correctness Fawlty Towers ‘cancellation’

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John Cleese attacks 'absurdly' political correctness
Fawlty Towers 'cancellation'

John previously spoke out about a racist slur in Monty Python. This indicates that the UKTV should have removed it.

Cleese played Basil Fawlty in The Germans. He was seen standing before Germans and chanting “Don’t talk about the war” in an episode. It first aired on television in 1975.

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Ballard Berkeley played Major Gowen and used derogatory language toward the West Indies cricket team.

John addressed the use of N-words by the character on multiple occasions. He said that the Major was an “old fossil leftover” from decades past. We were not supporting their views but making fun.

“If people can’t see it, or if they are too dumb to see it, then what should one do?

“Fawlty Towers gave a lot of people great happiness. Why would you want it to end?”

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Publiated at Sun, 22 August 2021 23.20:50 +0000

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