“Looks like something from WW1” Eddie Redmayne’s PS2m French Home destroyed by a terrible fire

Since Monday’s wildfire that swept the area, it has been called the largest wildfire ever recorded in the United States.

It has so far plowed through 20,000 acres Var near Saint-Tropez.

Before it could be contained, the blaze had destroyed dozens of holiday and residential homes.

Two people have been killed by the terrible fire caused by a cigarette stick.

The blaze has left around 26 people with serious injuries since its inception. Investigators continue to investigate.

The fire was extinguished by over 1000 firefighters from all across the nation and 250 fire engines. However, the crews were determined to keep the flames burning.

The current situation is that the weather could cause the region to rekindle the flames due to strong winds and no rain for approximately ten to fifteen days.

Express.co.uk reached out to Eddie Redmayne’s representative for more information.

Publiated at Sun 22 August 2021, 08:56:07 +0000

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