OnlyFans will block all sexually explicit content Year, fans aren’t happy


OnlyFans will block all sexually explicit content
Year, fans aren’t happy

OnlyFans plans a major overhaul this year. This website is one of the most successful tech stories in lockdown. It will now move away from its sexual content. This decision was made to attract investors from outside, who are not too concerned about how much nudity is on the website.

OnlyFans allows anyone to charge whatever fee they wish to see their videos and photos. Although it was not intended for explicit sexual content at all, the site quickly gained traction as a “pornapp” due to the large number of sex workers that rushed to use the platform after encountering blocks from other sites like Patreon or Tumblr.

OnlyFans’ popularity was largely due to the large number of users selling videos and photos of their bodies. It has been valued at as high as $1 billion.

The company made a shocking announcement yesterday that it will ban almost all sex content on its platform. This ban will take effect on October 1, 2021.

OnlyFans stated in a statement that it wants to concentrate on mainstream content.

Already, it hosts many non-porn artists and musicians. As long as users follow OnlyFans’ updated rules, they will be allowed to upload nude images. It is not clear how enforcement will work.

OnlyFans cannot confirm if content uploaded before October 1, 2021, in accordance with the old rules, will be removed later this year. It gained popularity after the last year’s Covid lockdowns. Beyonce even gave it a check. Despite its rapid rise, it hasn’t been easy for the company. The company reportedly had difficulty getting investors to join despite having a large user base.

OnlyFans claims it employs over 1.5million content creators who collectively earn $5 billion annually (PS3.67bn). The site has more than 130 million users. Over 100 of them have made upwards to $1m through it (PS0.73m). Its seedy reputation has discouraged many potential partners, including banks that would be able to handle all the cash.

Many OnlyFans users expressed their disappointment at the decision. This will result in a significant loss of income for those who used the site to supplement their lost jobs. On Twitter, one creator wrote: “I am actually f***ing distraught about the onlyfansnews and don’t know how my income will come from. As someone with a thousand project to fund and to be able just to eat and buy necessities – this is horrendous.”

One other person told The New York Times that “people aren’t going to be in a position to make ends meet.” The roof over our heads is going to go.”

Buzzfeed News spoke with Lilli Sabine, who said she receives between $100-$1,200 each month from OnlyFans. She said, “Unfortunately,” she could not quickly move her fan base to another platform. It would take away a large chunk of my content revenue. It can be difficult to get followers to switch to different platforms. If OnlyFans bans sex workers or lewd creators, I will have to start over. “

This change is already in progress. Downloading the official logo file on the OnlyFans website shows a very different design to the one the company currently uses on its social media accounts and website. A more subtle winged design has replaced the distinctive padlock. reached out to OnlyFans in order to determine if these files had been uploaded accidentally and if a new brand design can be expected to reflect the platform’s focus.

OnlyFans has just released the first transparency report. It details times when police and governments have asked for information. __S.33__

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