Rumor: 2K Sports has a relationship with the WWE “seriously stressed”

WWE 2K Battlegrounds released on the Nintendo Switch in 2020, so it is no surprise that the upcoming release of WWE 2K22 could also come to Nintendo’s console. Unfortunately, WWE 2K22 was delayed until March 2022. We may know the reason thanks to Sports Gamers Online sources.

According to their sources, “2K Sports and WWE have been going back and forth on pushing back WWE 2K22 since almost immediately after the game was announced. The majority of WWE employees wanted the game released in its normal Survivor Series window. Visual Concepts and 2K Sports, however, demanded a delay in the game’s launch.

2K Sports has been at odds with the WWE over various aspects of the game. The roster is outdated because 2K Sports “worked on scanning wrestlers, and building new characters pretty much from scratch” to accommodate wrestlers who were being, or have been, removed from the WWE. 2K Sports has had a difficult time working with WWE 2K20 due to their poor performances. The game’s poorly launched and received launch resulted in losses for 2K Sports.

Visual Concepts is the team behind WWE 2K Games. They publish them, but 2K Sports does not. Unfortunately, their staff has been cut back, overfunded, and inefficient. This game’s added stress has not helped. According to Sports Gamers Online, it has not been fun to work there. Because of the need to do things correctly, second guessing is a common occurrence.

Is there any chance that the already “strained” relationship between these two sides will improve? Sports Gamers Online sources stated that it wouldn’t take nearly as long as some people think. This is how terrible it has been. One great game, and the fan reaction could change everything.


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