Sinfonia Orchestra performs The Walking Dead’s hit theme song

A macabre transformation was performed on the 22-member Covent Garden Sinfonia Orchestra, which featured violinists as well as cellists, bassoonists, and pianists. Eight hours of work was spent by a team of SFX specialists to transform the Orchestra, din to a collection of ripped, distressed, traditional evening gown tails and ball dresses to become part of the Walking Dead. Covent Garden Sinfonia is known for performing live TV and movie soundtracks.

John Williams’ Oscar winning score for the film ‘E.T.’ was previously performed by them. At the Royal Albert Hall, The Extra-Terrestrial was a sell-out show.

The Orchestra was the main stage for the Season 11 premiere at King’s Hall, London. This event celebrated the last season of The Walking Dead’s arrival on Star on Disney+ starting August 23rd.

Artistic director Ben Palmer stated: “Covent Garden Sinfonia has performed a lot of music on television and film before but this is the first time that we have done it as Walkers.”

It’s one our most unusual and thrilling challenges to date.

We are huge fans of Bear McCreary’s music for The Walking Dead and were delighted to be able to launch the final season of The Walking Dead’s last season at Kings Place.

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