These are the 10 most popular streaming Spanish-language movies Netflix

Netflix has a huge collection of international films, including many Spanish-language movies. This list has been narrowed down to 10 of the best Spanish-language movies that you need to see.

This list includes everything from dark fairy tales and musical comedy. Are you looking for true crime documentaries or riveting revenge stories? We’ve got you covered. These are the top 10 Spanish-language Netflix movies.

1. __S.7__

Credit to Alfonso Cuaron

Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma was the first film in foreign language to be nominated for an Oscar. It is a movie that combines personal reflection with cinematic excellence. Black-and-white documentary follows Cleo, a live-in housekeeper who is from an Indigenous family. She finds a unique sense of humanity and works hard to make her home in Mexico City. – Alison Foreman, Entertainment Reporter (*)

Roma: How to Watch How to watch: Roma

2. __S.19__

Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth is a film that seamlessly weaves genres together. It’s certainly one of the best movies of 2000. The film is set in 1944, in civil war-torn Spain. It tells the story Ofelia, a twelve-year-old girl who escapes to a fantasy world in order to escape the violence around her. Some images and scenes in the movie will stay with you long after the end: The sinister figure Ofelia is facing, the fearsome pale man and the terrifying reality Ofelia’s stepfather Capitan Vidal, Sergi Lopez, who rules over both his family and men, are all memorable. Sam Haysom (*), Deputy UK Editor

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3. The Silence of Others (El silencio de otros)

The Silence of Othersis an affecting documentary that follows the 40 year dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. The 1977 Spanish amnesty law prevents Spain from granting justice to Franco’s victims. Instead, survivors file a lawsuit against Argentina to probe crimes against humanity committed during Franco’s rule. Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar and their subjects provide compelling stories and striking images that show how forgetting history can do more damage than confronting it face-to-face. – Belen Edwards, Entertainment Fellow

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4. __S.35__

Credit: netflix

I’m No Longer here follows Ulises, a 17 year-old who is obsessed with cumbia music. Ulises must leave behind his family and friends to travel to New York after a dispute with the Monterrey cartel. Fernando Frias de la Parra, director weaves the past and present to show a stark contrast between Ulises’ Monterrey friends and his isolation in New York. This moving coming-of-age movie is a beautiful combination of rich visuals and musicality. B.E.

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5. __S.49__

Three deaths of Marisela Elscobedodocuments activist Marisela Estescobedo is on a mission to find her murdered daughter. Between Rubi’s 2008 death and her assassination, Escobedo organized sit-ins and protests around Ciudad Juarez in Mexico and the state of Chihuahua. The three deaths of Marisela Escobedois an engrossing and brutal watch. It reveals not only the family’s pain, but also the violence that is prevalent in this region. B.E.

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6. __S.57__ (La llamada)

Credit: Film Factory

You might think that a film opening with God singing “I Will Always Love You”, on a bright stairway to Heaven, would be messy. But Holy Camp! __S.65__ The sweet comedy is set at a Christian camp where Maria (Macarena Garcia) first sees visions of God. Spoiler Alert: God appears to love Whitney Houston. Maria’s visions shocked Susana Castillo (Anna Castillo), her best friend, and the two nuns who run the camp. They reinforced beliefs while raising questions. Holy Camp __S.70__ – B.E.

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7. __S.76__

Lila Cassen, a pop star (Najwa Nimri), recovers from near-death experiences to find that she suffers amnesia. She cannot remember her name or how she performed. Violeta Llorach, a singer on karaoke who impersonates Lila perfectly, is her assistant. The film is an intense psychological thriller that Carlos Vermut explores the intersection of stardom, fandom and identity. Quien tomais a fascinating movie, with beautiful imagery and powerful leading performances. B.E. __S.82__

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8. __S.86__

Credit: netflix

Picture a prison cell stacked on top of each other with holes in both the ceiling and floor. Levels are randomly assigned and change every month. A platform that is made up of food, slowly falling from the top and becoming sparser as it goes down each level. Galder Gaztelu Urrutia, Spanish director of The Platform is a horror-sci-fi thriller which wears the capitalist metaphor proudly. This is one of those rare films where execution matches the idea. It features a screenplay by Pedro Rivero and David Desola that’s full of horror and suspense. This movie is a must-see for fans of Saw and The Cube. S.H. __S.99__

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9. __S.103__

In this thrilling revenge thriller, the lives of a getaway driver and his wife cross paths. The Fury of a Patient Manbegin with a harrowing robbery scene, and then jumps ahead eight years to what appears like a completely different movie. Curro (Luis Callejo), who has spent eight years in prison, has started an affair with Jose de la Torre (Ruth Diaz), her regular customer at the cafe. Jose may not be what he appears to be. When all the pieces start to fit together and Jose becomes clear about his intentions, The Fury of a Patients Manhurtles toward a shocking and violent conclusion. B.E.

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10. __S.113__

Ramon (Dani Rovira), who is being diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis, was told that he will be unable walk 100m in one year. With the help of Inma (Alexandra Jimenez), and Manolo (Karra Eljalde), he is able to train for Ironman Triathlon. Based on an authentic story, 100 Meters is a moving and inspiring film. As Ramon and his family come together to help one another succeed, you’ll cheer them on. B.E.

Watch 100 meters How to watch: 100 Meters

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