Thomas Tuchel is wary that Chelsea will beat Man City. Liverpool and Man Utd win the title

Tuchel exclaimed: “What an amazing start for Lukaku. He struggled to get the ball in the beginning. He became a very integrated player. His value to the team was already evident. He worked well with Mason, Kai and the front line and added something that we didn’t have.

We can be very direct and follow the lines. Although he can keep the ball, he’s also strong at turning the tables and winning one-on-ones. He is an extremely dangerous player who has a large personality.

“Reece James did a good job, he returned with confidence from the Euros. I believe he still has a lot to learn in decision-making and sharpness. I also think it will help him in the future. However, I am hopeful that it will allow him to be more confident and assist today. Tierney was on Tierney’s right so I salute you.

Publiated at Sun 22 August 2021 21.06:20 +0000

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