Ugas outsmarts Courageous Pacquiao

Ugas outsmarts Courageous Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao lost to Yordenis Urgas by unanimous decision in the world welterweight champion fight held in Las Vegas.

Ugas held his foot in the middle of the ring, and then he pumped out an impressive jab that won him the victory. Ugas caught Pacquiao with his right hand when he attempted to do a trademark flurry.

The fourth round saw Pacquiao marking around Pacquiao’s eyes, a sign that he wasn’t trying to win this fight.

Pacquiao couldn’t match the ferocious speed and power he displayed over the last two decades.

Ugas was happy to take on Pacquiao so that Pacquiao could keep him competitive.

Ugas struck the target with a right hand in round 8. The legendary Filipino was unable to respond.

Ugas was stung by Pacquiao’s famed left hand in round 10. Ugas knocked him out.

Pacquaio’s work rate increased and he was throwing more punches.

Pacquiao advanced in the 12th round and 498th, perhaps his last, career. However, there was an air of despair about his efforts.

The fight was over when he suffered damage to both his eyes.

It was scored by the judges as follows: 115-113; 116-112, and 116-112 in favor of the Cuban.

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