Use TweetDeck

Use TweetDeck

Although you might not consider yourself to be a powerful user of Twitter, its advanced search features and customized interface are sure to upgrade your feed.

We’ve seen a lot of changes to Twitter in recent months, including the introduction of a subscription plan with perks, tweaks to the way that replies work, and a new font that hasn’t been universally welcomed. There are also Fleets which proved to be very short-lived.

But Twitter is also busy updating and evolving its other Twitter client: TweetDeck. TweetDeck was launched in 2008, acquired by Twitter in 2011 and is a portal to Twitter for powerful users. You get real-time updates and advanced search tools.

TweetDeck is a great alternative to the standard Twitter client. As we’ve said Twitter is testing updates to TweetDeck too, so it looks like even more functionality is on the way (and we’re fingers crossed hoping they don’t hobble any already there.)

Right now, TweetDeck is only available in a web browser, but it’s possible that mobile apps are planned somewhere down the line as Twitter continues to develop the product.

All in Real Time
tweetdeck screenshot

There are many types of columns available.

TweetDeck via David Nield

TweetDeck’s unique layout is split into configurable columns, which you can control. Twitter has a singular column that displays the tweets from the people following you. TweetDeck allows you to have both this column as well as many others. You can view a lot of tweets simultaneously if you have a large screen monitor.

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