It’s amazing how fast the BMW M5 CS is, even after spending a week with it. It won’t be available to the vast majority of people who want it. BMW made a small number of these cars, but all are now accounted for. This new video POV from AutoTopNL gives you a glimpse of the BMW car that is best in its class.

The video shows you some of the best features of the M5 CS, including its cool yellow headlights and carbon fiber hood with an M5 CS logo inside.

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The interior of the M5 CS has to be the most striking. It gets carbon fiber bucket seats, which are optional on M3 and M4, but it has bucket seats at the back. Two bucket seats are built into the bulkhead to replace the standard bench seat at the rear. These seats aren’t quite as cool as the front ones, but they’re awesome and may be the best seats around.

But the real selling point of the BMW M5 CS is the way it handles. The combination of weight savings, suspension from the M8 Gran Coupe, increased front camber, and tweaks to the chassis have given the M5 CS handling far superior to any other M5 in history. It’s so good in fact, you can actually see the improvements in this video. Typically, you can’t really tell how responsive or agile a car is in a video like this but you can with the M5 CS.

The M5 CS has been my favorite BMW performance car. This video will show you why.

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