What are the Best Penny Stocks You Can Buy Right Now? This Week's Top 3 Stocks

What are the Best Penny Stocks You Can Buy Right Now? This Week’s Top 3 Stocks

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Three Penny Stocks To Watch In August 2021

There are many penny stocks available that offer buying opportunities in August 2021. While it is difficult to say with certainty where the market is headed, there are many penny stocks that investors are watching right now. To understand these, it is necessary to look at the market’s current trajectory as well as where it might be heading in the future.

Without addressing the impact of the pandemic, it would not make sense to talk about stocks at this time. In August, we were seeing an increase in the number of cases. So as investors, we have to take this and work with it in order to make money with penny stocks. We can see why the industries of tech, retail, and biotech are the most in demand right now, considering the current pandemic.

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This is not a comprehensive list, but there are many penny stocks worth your attention. As prudent investors we must research every stock in our portfolio. Understanding financials, balance sheets and rumors is key. Let’s now take a look three penny stocks which have fallen from their highs, but are worth keeping an eye on as we head into the week.

3 Penny Stocks For Your Watchlist Right Now

  1. GEE Group Inc. (NYSE: JOB)
  2. Vislink Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: VISL)
  3. Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NYSE: TMBR)

GEE Group Inc. (NYSE: JOB)

GEE Group Inc. provides placement and staffing services for U.S. businesses. The company offers staffing services for accounting, finance, medical and office employees. Services offered by the company include those under Access Data Consulting and Agile Resources as well as Ashley Ellis and Omni-One.

The pandemic began and jobs fell quickly to their lowest levels. But, the pandemic quickly ended and employment began to rebound. This resulted in a drop in unemployment numbers that was much lower than it had been for many months. Companies like GEE Group Inc. are becoming more attractive to investors.

GEE Group announced its fiscal results for the third quarter of 2021 on August 16. The company’s revenues increased by 43.1% to $38.1million, an increase of 43.1% over the previous year. Quarter over quarter revenue also increased 9.6%. It’s also worth noting GEE Group’s gross profits grew by 43% and 26% respectively quarter-over-quarter. These numbers have great potential for investors and the company. It remains to be determined if this trend is due to the changing jobs market, or GEE Group’s business model.

We were extremely pleased with GEE Group’s performance in this quarter. We were very pleased with GEE Group’s performance this quarter. Our expectations were met in terms of revenue, operating income and non-GAAP adjusted EBITDA.

The Chairman and CEO of GEE Group, Derek Dewan

Investors should take into account both this positive information and GEE’s future. Keeping this new information in mind, is JOB a contender for your list of penny stocks to watch?


Vislink, a technology company, designs, develops and delivers wireless communication solutions. MicroLite 3 is its wireless HD transmitter that can be used in live production. Vislink offers most of its products for live production.

It also sells camera systems, transmitters and receivers. The major shortage in microprocessors over the last year has led to a huge increase in demand for technology products. Vislink, while it isn’t a manufacturer of microprocessors could still benefit from the demand surge. VISL shares are up more than 40% YTD which is an impressive feat.

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The company released its 2021 second quarter results on August 16, 2018. In this report, Vislink revealed that it has seen its revenue increase by 85% compared to its first quarter results. The company also reported a positive increase in orders, which increased 250% during the first half 2021.

Our quoting activity increased, with new bookings increasing by over 25% in the first half 2021 as compared to 2020. Our continued focus on cost containment, strategic financial use, and cost control helped to reduce our EBITDA losses in the second quarter by $578,000, as opposed to the $2.4 million loss experienced in the first quarter.

CEO of Vislink, Mickey Miller

These numbers have great potential for Vislink’s future. While they are not yet reflected in the stock price, Vislink does seem to be working hard for growth. So, considering this, will VISL be on your penny stocks watchlist?


Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc., a penny biotech stock has seen its shares rise in recent trading sessions. Shares of TMBR stock increased more than 11% in the last month and by 30% YTD. Its main focus is clinical-stage products. Timber currently develops and markets treatments for rare dermatologic conditions. Hence, why does TMBR stock go up on the market in August

The company released financial results for its second quarter 2021 on August 10, and provided an update business report. John Koconis, Chairman and CEO of Timber said that the team had overcome the challenges of the pandemic in order to attain the clinical milestones achieved so far and those expected to be reached over the next nine month.

TMB-002 phase 2b recruitment will be ended by the company at the close of the third quarter 2021. Timber ended the quarter with $36.7 million of common shares and $6.1 million cash. Keep this information in mind. Will TMBR make it onto your watch list for penny stocks?


Do You Have These Penny Stocks in Your Eyes?

There are so many penny stocks out there that it is difficult to pick just one to add to your portfolio. It is possible to make it easier than you thought by doing the research and dedicating yourself to finding relevant information.

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Investors need to consider all factors when considering the current stock market. With all this being said, should you be paying attention to these penny stocks?

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