What Parents Can Do to Spend Time with Their Kids.

What Parents Can Do to Spend Time with Their Kids. Schools

What Parents Can Do to Spend Time with Their Kids.

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Many parents look forward to their first day at school. They not only support learning and growth, but they also allow parents to enjoy a little bit of their own time. School hours are a welcome respite from summer chaos.

These school hours offer a wealth of possibilities for stay-at home parents. How can you make the most of those hours? These are some ways that parents can maximize the time their children are at school during the next academic year.

Stop Summer’s Damage

It can be difficult to keep up with summer messes. However, now that your kids will be spending most of the day at school, you have plenty of time to pick up the slack left in housekeeping. You will be able to repair most of the damage done by the summer celebrations with just a few days’ work.

It’s a great idea to let your children help with cleaning. School can be stressful and it’s important to not overload your children if they are struggling in their first week. You work more efficiently than them anyways.

Get ready for the afternoons

After a long day of sitting in classrooms and taking part in after-school activities, your children will be exhausted when they get home. Even if they have had a difficult day, it is likely that they won’t be as cooperative or agreeable with you. It’s a simple parenting act that goes a long distance and requires very little effort.

Let’s take, for example, that one of your boys is returning from football practice and the other is anxious about his application to the Honor Society. They have all the necessary equipment before they step foot in your home. Set up an area for studying and change clothes. These little acts of kindness will help your child succeed in whatever they do.

Plan Your Meal

Children love to eat and eat often. They’ll expect dinner to be prepared for them when they get back from school and sack lunches for the days that mystery meat is being served in cafeteria. So to avoid kitchen burnout, use your time while everyone is at school to do some meal planning.

Planning your week’s meals will help you save time and make grocery shopping easier. You can use leftovers for lunch the next day, or for meals throughout the week. You’re probably already late if you are trying to decide what meal you will cook for three in the evening.

An online calendar will simplify meal planning. You can make a list of the dishes you’d like to cook and then plan your grocery trips around them. You can even coordinate with other families to share meals with some of your kids’ friends.

Take some time for yourself

We all know that you have earned some “me time” and need to start using it. It’s amazing how much family time you get in summer, but it can also be exhausting. After months of chaos, kick back and take a break.

Make your time alone productive, or at the very least entertaining. Before you binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, read a book. You can use your calendar to plan activities for yourself that won’t involve any other people.

You can improve your self-image

As an extension to that alone time, you can take a page out of your kids’ schoolbooks and look for some ways to improve yourself. You can learn math skills and help you with homework. Or, even better, continue your education online through the many universities that offer them.

You can also improve your mental and physical health by getting more exercise. It will be easier to get a good workout in or schedule a session with a counselor/therapist when the kids are gone.

Are you unsure what type of challenge to tackle? For simple suggestions, check out your smartphone’s app store. You can learn new languages or create prompts for creative writing.

Side hustle

It is admirable to be a stay at home parent. It is possible that these parents may not feel fulfilled when they spend too much time away from their children. One way to fill up the time while providing for both the family and society as a whole is to start a side hustle.

Some side hustles are easy to get into, like downloading a food delivery or ridesharing app and picking up the odd job around town. Some require creativity, but are more lucrative than others like making and selling art and crafts online. You can make anything you want, including baked goods or home-spun clothing.

It’s easier than ever to find a job as a stay-at home parent thanks to technology. In addition, working remotely opens up many more doors from employment with flexible schedules for even the parents with jam-packed Calendars.

Set a goal to accomplish more in the school year. Your Calendar will help you set goals and encourage your children to work together every day towards becoming better parents.

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