You can watch Premier League live on PS4 or PS5 with no Sky Sports subscription, smart TV or smart TV

To watch Premier League Football from your own home, you don’t have to subscribe to Sky, stream or buy a smart TV.

Anyone with a PlayStation 4 and PS5 can stream football live through the console by simply downloading one or more apps.

Sky Sports shows most Premier League matches live, along with games from other European divisions.

You can watch live action on your PS4 or PS5 consoles by going to the TV/Video section.

After you have entered the appstore, the NOWTV app can be downloaded for free.

You can log in with the username and password you have already created to gain access to Entertainment packages, Movies, or Sports. You can also create an account at the NOW TV website.

NOW TV does not require a subscription. Users can buy daily and monthly passes to all Sky Sports channels.

You can cancel your monthly pass at any time for as low as PS24.99

You should also check your email because NOW TV regularly sends personalized offers to customers.

Customers of NOWTV can also watch live action via their mobile devices and tablets. This gives you additional options.

The biggest issue right now, however, is getting a PS5 console.

Although UK stock levels have been fairly steady, PlayStation 5 consoles sell almost immediately.

Express Online has some buying tips for those who want to buy a PlayStation 5 but are having trouble finding the right one.

PlayStation 5 Shopping Tips when purchasing from GAME (via PS5 UK stock )….

Be familiar with bundles so that you can choose the right one. Obscure bundles may be easier to find, but standalones are almost impossible. [GAME]

Click on the alert to get into the queue. [GAME]

It means the bundle has been canceled. Go back to bundles and choose another. [GAME]

You will experience a 30–60 second delay if you try to do too much at once. This is normal. Wait a while and then go back to it. [GAME]

PlayStation 5 General Shopping Tips

If you have an existing account, log in.

* You can use multiple devices whenever possible: desktop browser, tablet, phone, and laptop.

* Download the dedicated app from the retailer to purchase a PS5.

Register for stock alerts from retailers when possible. ShopTo allows users to register their interest.

Follow stock checking websites and accounts, such as Express Gaming and PS5 UK Stock.

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